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Alas, no post today, my friends. I’m moving into a new place and I haven’t got internet set up there yet, so blogging and everything will be intermittent. I will try to get the next chapter of Wayward Son out on time tomorrow, but that’s the only thing I can promise. I should have everything […]

Random Thoughts On What I’ve Been Reading Recently

No dedicated writing log today, friends. Wayward Son continues to plod along at a satisfactory pace (just gotta put a few finishing touches on chapter 69 and 70), and I’ve also made a wee bit of progress on my academic work, namely my prospectus–I think I might start describing how things are coming along for […]

Your guide to Gamergate – A FAQ for normal people

Originally posted on Russia Without BS:
Q: What is Gamergate? A: Gamergate is a manufactured, bullshit “scandal” specially constructed for and by total dipshits with nothing of value to offer the human race. Q: How did Gamergate begin? A: Some woman broke up with a guy, and instead of being an adult about it he…

Lessons Learned from League of Legends: Tenacity and Adaptability

No writing log for you today, brothers and sisters. Maybe I’ll have one for you next week, but for now, I want to write a video-game related entry. I haven’t written one or many of those in quite a while, so I wanted the change of pace 😀 I’ve been playing an online game called […]

Neo-Confederate Christians and the Continued Curse of the Lost Cause

Originally posted on Padre Steve's World: Official Home of the Anti-Chaps:
“By the time of the [Civil] War, the leadership of the South was conservative, orthodox, and Christian,” and that the leadership of the North had become “radical and Unitarian.” While the Confederates were righteous, “the abolitionists in the North were ‘wicked’ and ‘driven…

Cultural appropriation

Originally posted on Russia Without BS:
In general, I have never been the most fashion-conscious person. Occasionally I make exceptions, albeit usually very late. One of those exceptions is the keffiyeh. Keffiyehs are fucking awesome. They are extremely useful in a variety of ways and they go with all sorts of clothes whether its camouflage…

Writing Log #20: Bringing Things Together (Inspiration)

Not much to report this week, friends. I got a *little* bit of work done on chapter 70 of Wayward Son this week, but I happened to make a comparatively large amount of progress today. I got maybe a couple hundred words done per day over the past week, but this Friday, I finished just […]