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Andrew Jackson in Space

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My friend and fellow Tennessee historian, Gordon Belt, Tweeted out a link to a new comic book yesterday. The title? Andrew Jackson in Space. A Twitter exchange with the writer, Brian Visaggio, resulted in the following interview. 1. What is your background in the comics world?  I’m best…

Stuff I’ll be doing for next week~

Alright, everybody–another shorter post for you today, but next week’s should be more substantive. See, I’ve been talking with my professors and I’ve gotten my orals lists more or less buttoned down nice and tight. So here’s what I’m gonna try and get through over the next two weeks: Reading for the history of slavery: […]

Progress Report~

Alas, my friends: I didn’t get much writing on Wayward Son done the past week (though, thankfully, chapter 72 and corrections to 71 are ready to go). I did get more than a few things done, though–specifically, reading for my classes! I managed to finish up/take notes on: 1.    David Brion Davis, The Problem of […]

Good links

View at –Good take on Instagram and social media technology for young people –Fantastic assessment of comparative history and the importance of honesty in historical analysis (applied to the USSR, but you’d do well to heed his advice if you’re studying any other state, really). –Inspiring article on MLK from a Navy […]

Emancipation and the U.S. Military: the Civil War and After

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  Friends of Padre Steve’s World Tomorrow is the holiday where we remember the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. So I felt it appropriate to put out a revised section of my Civil War and Gettysburg text dealing with Emancipation and beginnings of African Americans being…

Beginnings of Women’s Equality and the Civil War

Originally posted on The Inglorius Padre Steve's World:
Seneca Falls Convention Friends of Padre Steve’s World This is a newly written section of my introductory chapter for my Civil War and Gettysburg text. In that introductory chapter I dealt with many of the tactical, technological, doctrinal and military sociological changes which occurred in the…

More thoughts on Islam–between a rock and a hard place

A bit more of a serious entry for you today, my friends, and still related to the recent Charlie Hebdo massacre, like my previous entry was as well. It has to do with a fallacious (IMO) argument I’ve been hearing a lot lately, mainly on my twitter and tumblr feeds. It goes like this (twitter […]

Left contrarianism

More Wayward Son pictures! :D

Hey guys! I’m feeling better, so, as promised a while back, I’m FINALLY ready to show you some of the sketches my friend Databunny has made for me of Wayward Son characters! Check em out: Renault’s mother, Monica, as a Bishop 😀 Renault’s boss, Henken, who has a shady past and figures prominently later in […]

Je Suis Charlie: An Attack on Freedom

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Edgar Johnson wrote  that “A satirist is never certain whether he/she will be acclaimed or punished.” Today 10 extraordinary and acclaimed satirists were punished by Islamic extremists who killed them for their alleged offenses against Mohammed. This morning I looked at my iPhone Twitter feed and noticed that…