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Living the Good Life, Episode 14 (July 29, 2016): Adventures in the Archives (ALWAYS BET ON DUKE)

Hooooo boy, what a week. I’ve spent most of it in Durham, North Carolina, at the Rubenstein Library at Duke University (thus the name of this entry XD) Didn’t watch any anime cause I didn’t want to torrent on someone else’s (public hotel) connection), and didn’t play much except grind on Vindictus. This entry will […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 13 (July 22, 2016): Preparations

Busy busy week for me. As always, here’s the lowdown: WATCHAN: Macross Delta 16, Jojo 16, One-Punch man dub 1, and Berserk 3. One-Punch Man (dub) 1: I originally watched this series subtitled with the original Japanese audio and I loved it, so I wanted to see how the English dub sounded. Very, very good […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 12 (July 15, 2016): A better week!

Ah, it’s nice being healthy again. As I expected, I got a lot more more work done this week thanks to my tummy troubles subsiding. Here’s the lowdown: WATCHAN: Macross Delta 15, Jojo 15, and Berserk 2. Macross: Another good episode. There was a bit of combat at the end, but the really interesting thing […]

Your liberal order sucks

Living the Good Life, Episode 11 (July 8, 2016): Stomach bugs suck ;_;

Urgh, I’ve had an unproductive week. I got a nasty stomach bug on Sunday–Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, the works–and it kept me out of commission until Wednesday. So, I haven’t been able to get much done…thankfully, though, I’m feeling much better, back up to my normal standards, so next week should be back to normal. Here’s […]

Writing Tactics – Find, Fix, Flank, Finish

Originally posted on Robbie MacNiven:
My father served for many years in the British Army. Growing up, he taught me a lot of hard-won lessons. Some of it has been applicable to daily life and some of it, after a long second glance, has even helped me become a better writer. Take the Four Fs,…

Living the Good Life, Episode 10 (July 1, 2016): Clouds over the Horizon

Heavy stuff this week, my friends. I’ll start with lighter fare, to get the fun out of the way first, and then I’ll turn to the concerns weighing in on my mind. Those concerns deal with what my professors told me, and as I promised last week, I’ll reveal it after these brief notes: WATCHAN: […]