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Living the Good Life, Episode 28 (April 7, 2017): Lotta readan!

Ah, another relaxing week. As usual, the lowdown: WATCHAN: Watched the new Ghost in the Shell live action movie with Scarlett Johansen. It was actually better than I was expecting…I thought it’d be terrible, but the music was better than the ridiculous “remix” of the 1995 theme I’d been expecting from the trailers, and the […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 6: May 13, 2016

Busy week, friends. Didn’t get much done on the reading, playing, and watching fronts, for reasons I’ll explain soon! Without further adieu… WATCHAN: Jojo episode 6, and Macross Delta episode 6. Jojo: Pretty fun, but—and I suppose this is in accordance with the manga—it kind of has more of a slice of life feel now. […]

Some Thoughts on the Plots of the Souls Games–Why Demon’s Souls is still the Best, IMO

Today’s entry won’t be a “Relaxation Saga” one, nor will it be a general discussion of Dark Souls III as a whole. I doubt I’ll write one; that sort of in-depth game review is something I’m not really in the mood for at the moment. Instead, I’d like to focus on one specific aspect of […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 3: Dark Souls Edition

Another week, another update. You know the drill by now, my friends, so I’ll just get right down to it! WATCHAN: I finally finished up Tekkaman Blade today after buying the DVDs aaaaages ago. With all the screaming, Obari animation, and sexy mecha designs, along with the hardcore plot, it truly is…a MANime 8) On […]

Thoughts on Bloodborne

I finished Bloodborne for the PS4 about a week ago. It’s technically not part of the Demon’s/Dark Souls series (and Dark Souls III is coming out in a couple of months), but it’s pretty much the same thing–a dark fantasy ARPG with a vague plot the player fills in themself through item descriptions and stuff. […]

Quick post for this Friday

Alas, once again–spent too much time playing Sins of a Solar Empire this week to be super productive, even when it comes to writing my own blog! Curse my laziness T_T I’ll just leave you with a quick post today, friends. Next week will be better 😀 1: Found this great review of Dark Souls […]

More Thoughts on Demon’s and Dark Souls

Alas, my friends, I didn’t get as much writing done last week as I’d hoped. Why? I got caught up in the Souls games again. Not Dark Souls 2, this time. Caught up in a rush of nostalgia, I decided to replay the heck out of Demon’s Souls and spent many hours on it. …And […]

Disappointment with Dark Souls II

Well, I just beat the game for the first time a couple of days ago. And yeah, I think I can say with some certainty that I don’t like it as much as I did the previous 2 entries. I think it’s my least favorite game in the series so far, though not that bad […]

More thoughts on Dark Souls II: The Importance of Immersion

I’ve (almost) beaten the game–just have to finish one more boss and then I can face the last one! However, the more I play it the less impressive it seems to me compared to Demon’s and Dark Souls I. Some of this might be familiar to you, as I’ve mentioned some of these critiques elsewhere […]