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Off-topic: Generation gap

Random Thoughts on James M. Mcpherson’s Battle Cry of Freedom (x-posted from my Tumblr)

So after finishing up James L. Stokesbury’s “A Short History of the Civil War,” on a whim I picked up the much less short “Battle Cry of Freedom,” a more comprehensive study of the American Civil War by James M. Mcpherson. Reading it, I was struck by two things: 1: Just going from this book, […]

Merry Christmas!

Or happy holidays, whatever the case may be! I hope all of you had a great day yesterday 😀 My Christmas was actually pretty uneventful…just stayed home all day with the family and didn’t do much aside from eat and play Vindictus. I did get some nice stuff, though. A nice new pair of boots […]


A briefer and somewhat whimsical entry for you today, my friends, inspired by a conversation I had with one of mine a little while ago. Not long after I returned to my home town (I’m spending the Christmas with my parents. Yay for the holidays!), I was chatting on Skype with some buddies of mine. […]

Books for Spring 2015

Originally posted on Jacksonian America: Society, Personality, and Politics:
On the schedule for the Spring 2015 semester are two sections of the U.S. survey (1865-present) and the Old South course. As usual, I’ve switched up the books. I also assign articles to supplement the book readings. History of the U.S. II Beth L. Bailey, From…

The Holidays~

Christmas is coming friends, and even if you don’t celebrate it, this season has something pretty much everyone can related to–cold weather and sales! Well, I suppose folks in places like Australia have hot weather right now (XD) but I do know they have holiday sales and stuff over there. In my case, I don’t […]

Teaching Hipster History: Ending the Semester on an Ironic Note

Originally posted on The Junto:
Conclusions are hard, I find, and no less so in teaching than in writing. Both at the end of a book and at the end of a course, really great endings add a bit of spice—something just new or unexpected enough to cast what’s come before in a different light, something…


As I mentioned in my last entry, friends, I’ve had a pretty productive couple of weeks. I managed to finish off the second draft of my prospectus (which they’re still reading), and I also managed to finish chapter 70 of Wayward Son! I released it with only 15 minutes of December 1st left to spare, […]

Amazon’s fan-fiction portal Kindle Worlds is a bust for fans, and for writers too

Originally posted on Gigaom:
It sounded like a good idea: fans of cultural figures like Kurt Vonnegut and G.I. Joe get permission to use their favorite characters to create new stories under the umbrella of Amazon, and everyone gets a cut of the profits. So how it did turn out? So far the results of the project, known as…