Living the Good Life, Episode 142 (December 22, 2019, College Saga Interlude): Christmas is comin 2k19!

Christmas is comin~




Nothing this week, cause its Christmas Break for starstar~


Goodfellas, another bit of Scorsese kino. This one was also really good, and really intense, too. Even more violent than The Irishman, however, I think I like the later movie more. While I wouldn’t say Goodfellas exactly glorifies the gangster life, the ending portrays it as having a bit of appeal, as the protag laments being a regular guy after going into witness protection. In The Irishman, on the other hand, the protagonist is on his deathbed completely alone and miserable, his friends all dead or in prison and his family having completely abandoned him, which is a much less ambiguous portrayal of how the rewards of a violent life pass away by the time it ends.


Just some more Battletech here and there.


Nothing much.


Getting the last batch of edits done on my upcoming book–checking over all the websites I linked to to make sure they’re still around, minor spelling corrections, that sorta thing. It should be coming out pretty soon! 😀

Also, for next semester, I retook that ALEKS math assessment thing…my first time around I got a 68, but this time I got a 90! NICE!

So yeah, at least on the work front, this week was very very nice indeed. Here’s hoping for another nice Christmas…

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