Living the Good Life, Episode 143 (December 29, 2019, College Saga Interlude): Christmas 2k19!

Not much to say about this christmas. Just stayed home, ate some dinner with some relatives, and that’s all. Not much of a rest, but whatever. For christmas presents, I just got some money. Yeah, not impressive, but I’m easy to please and it’s better to gimme cash instead of trying to figure out what I like XD



Still nothin.


Nothing much this week.


I put in a LOT of hours into Anchorhead, an interactive novel by Michael Gentry! It was originally released in text-only form in 1998, but a couple of years ago he put up a new edition with nifty illustrations from Carlos Alvarez on Steam, and I got that during the winter sale–it wasn’t actually on sale, but I did have a nice coupon, so I used that 😀

It is REALLY good! I don’t wanna spoil too much, but suffice it to say that the story is written as a Lovecraftian tale involving cosmic monstrosities the sight of whom drives people mad, and though it’s not explicitly part of the Cthulhu mythos (the monsters are all original from Gentry), it matches Lovecraft’s style perfectly. I think I saw a couple of spelling errors here and there, but other than that, the slow burn of horror is absolutely fantastic! This is definitely a must-play for folks with the patience for old-school text adventure games.

Note my mention of ‘patience.’ This isn’t a visual novel, really–despite its improvements on the 1998 version, the Steam version of Anchorhead is still very much a text adventure game in the vein of Zork, and those have a VERY long pedigree, since the 70s, really. In those games, you can’t actually navigate around a visual map of any sort, with a controller or mouse, and you can’t even click on anything with a mouse either! It’s all done entirely through text. The game will give you a description–say “you’re in a room, and there are doors to the north and west,” and you have to manually type “GO NORTH” to get to the next scene. Again, very old school, but even if you’re a fast typer it can get a little tiresome, especially since some of the commands can be a *little* obscure. For instance–and this is right at the beginning of the game, no spoilers–at the start of the game you need to use your umbrella to pull a nearby ladder down. Now, in most cases you’d think typing “use umbrella on ladder” would work, but no, it’s very specifically “pull ladder with umbrella.” That’s no big deal, but also, some of the later puzzles are REALLY difficult without the use of a walkthrough or hint pamphlet, but those can be found easily enough. Finally, there are a couple of bugs, I think, like you can get stuck in one area (the sewers) if you go there too early–again, I dont wanna spoil anything, but I also want folks to be aware so they don’t have to restart the game.  So yeah, I DEFINITELY recommend this game, with the above caveats. Check it out!


Nothing much.


Getting the last batch of edits done on my upcoming book–checking over all the websites I linked to to make sure they’re still around, minor spelling corrections, that sorta thing. It should be coming out pretty soon! 😀

Also, for next semester, I retook that ALEKS math assessment thing…my first time around I got a 68, but this time I got a 90! NICE!

So yeah, at least on the work front, this week was very very nice indeed. Here’s hoping for another nice Christmas…

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