Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 15 (December 15, 2019): (SEASON 1 FINALE): Finally done with the semester…

Well, my first semester of my second run-through of college is finally done with. Here’s the lowdown…








Monday: EXCELLENT DAY! Got a fair bit of studying done, and ALSO knocked off another ep of Dragonar (only 8 more eps to go) AND put the next batch of edits on my project, which is very very close to publication ready! NICE!

Tuesday: Took my Bio final. Doubt I did too well on it, I totally flubbed the stuff about vertebrate evolution, but oh well. As long as I pass I’ll be happy enough.

Wednesday: Same deal with my Compsci final. At this point I’m just too burned out to really care more than “just want to pass.”

Thursday: Slept and played Battletech all day.

Friday: Nother good day! I picked up a coupla books from the library, did a little writing on something else ( ;D), and downloaded Legend of the Galactic Heroes, the new series, season 2. I’ll watch that next week, along with No Guns Life, maybe. I also noticed that the third Shovel Knight game, King of Cards, is finally out! I’ll get to that next week too. But I should also start studying for my next semester’s math and compsci classes…I need to do better than I did D:

Saturday:  Neat! Found out I got a C on my Bio final exam. Not great, but like I said, I’m happy just passing.

Sunday: Went out to mah fave Italian ristorante for a nice meal to celebrate the end of a semester, then played more Battletech.

Things I Had To Finish This Week

Take my finals.

Things to Do Next Week:

Just relax.

Miscellaneous Goals:

Nothin, too busy with finals.





YES! Next episode of Dragonar is out!


Nothing this week.


Tons and tons of battletech. I specced one of the smaller but faster mechs, the Spider, for maximum speed, colored it blue and named it GOTTAGOFAST, and am having fun just zooming through stages and past enemies, haha.


Nothing much.


Got a lot of edits done on mah project! That’s coming along very well, at least.

So, yeah. Better than last week, certainly, and not a terrible end to the semester. Woulda been nice to be less burnt out, and woulda been nice to have done a little better, but at least I didn’t fail, so that’s good enough for me.

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