Living the Good Life, Episode 81 (May 11, 2018): Thank God for spring/summer!

Ahh…not much to say about this week, but it’s been fun and laid back since the weather is so nice 😀


Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu ep. 6: A christmas episode? This time of year? That alone would make me chuckle, but even funnier is the fact that nobody knew who our protag’s operator (Cody) was all this time, and it turned out he was a secret agent from the enemy space nation..and also the protag’s brother! “What a twist,” as they say.

Darling in the FranXX ep. 16: Oh, a new OP! Same song, tho. Anyways, after the big battle in ep. 15, it seems like all the bad feelings between 02, Hiro, the rest of their team, etc. have been cleared up, so now they’re functioning well as comrades. So this episode is just about them screwing around and having fun, not fighting in mechs. Though there is some tension because of the fact that their home city was so heavily damaged by the last battle, they need to conserve food and water and all that. Ah, well…hopefully the next ep will have some action.

LoGH DnT ep. 6: The taking of Iserlohn is starting! The differences between the original here seem to be that Frederica is a little cuter now (she was cute in the original OVAs too, but a little more tomboyish) and also seems to be better in hand to hand combat (though again, in the original OVA she was pretty tough). Aside from that, the plan with Schenkopp and the captured Imperial ships is the same, fun times 😀 Yang’s speech about the value of peace is good as well.

Megalo Box ep. 6: Only one thing can really describe this:

Seriously, it was a wonderful episode. Not too much to say about it other than it was just a straight up, stamd-up fight between Joe and Aragaki, and even though Joe won (as we could expect), Aragaki managed to come to terms with his past and let go of his bitterness and resentment, so it was a victory for both of them. Man, I am loving this series.




Lot of progress on the next ep of Dragonar! Next ep is OUT!!!!



Not much this week, was mainly writan and workin on Dragonar :p



Not much this week either.


Got quite a bit of work done on my secret project ;D It’ll be a while, but hopefully y’all will be able to see it eventually 😀

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