Gunlord Job Saga, Episode 2 (May 4, 2018): Back to searching!

Haha, well, that was anti-climactic. Like I said last entry, I didn’t care for the job  and gave them my two weeks notice…and when I did, they said, “well, you’d be quitting so soon after coming on, so 2 weeks notice is kinda pointless, so we’ll find someone else.” And that was that 😀 I think I dodged a bullet there, like I said, such a job would involve working very long hours for comparatively little pay, so now I can work on finding something better for me. Yay! I guess it’s back to living the good life, while continuing mah job search…



Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu ep. 5:

Holy shit, lol. So our protag gets his mecha stranded in deep space without power, but he brought along a ton of of those preserved rice things for such a situation. When he starts to get bored of just the plain rice he starts eating it off the back of his hand (like his mother once did), and finds it tastes a little better. He assumes it’s because the back of his hand is a little sweaty (so it made the rice saltier), so then he covers himself in rice and tries to eat it off himself that way! I thought this ep would be a little boring at first but seeing such an “inventive” way of spicing up food made me lol hard.


Logh ep 5:

This episode dealt with the fallout of the battle of Astarte, and focused on the sleazy politician Job Trunicht’s attempt to turn it to his own ends. I thought this was weaker than it was in the originals…Trunicht’s voice actor was excellent for the OVAs, but the new VA sounds just like a generic anime politician, which sorta makes the whole thing seem much less compelling. But Yang’s responses to him remain as delightfully wry as they were in the original, as well as Jessica’s confrontation with him, so there’s that. On the other hand, they changed the design of the Patriotic Knight Corps, who now look more like religious fanatics than KKK/Jason Voorhees cosplayer rejects. So I guess they look cooler, but then stupidity of their appearance also helped them play the role in the story they were supposed to. Still, it does make me optimistic about the power armor designs, if we ever get to see them. But, well, we’ll see :p


Darling in the FranXX: No ep this week, just a “making of” special. Meh, not too interesting, just interviews with the VAs and stuff, I didn’t watch much. :p


Megalo Box 04: Intense ep! Joe actually decides to fight without a Gear in his first round in the big tournament, in order to give himself some name rec. But he doesn’t do very well (even worse than expected without the power armor) because he’s scared, after which his coach and his orphan buddy give him a pep talk and he gets his courage back, allowing him to crush his opponent. The action here was great, though I am disappointed–slightly–to see Joe without a Gear, since the power armor is a bit of the appeal for me. And the music was cool too. On to the next ep…

Megalo Box 05: Joe’s toughest opponent yet is Aragaki, an old acquaintance of his coach’s, who fought in a vaguely Middle Eastern war some years ago–I guess we get to see more of the future world this anime is set in. He lost an eye and got his legs blown off by an explosive trap, and he blames Coach because the old man was his trainer before he went off to war, but closed the gym and forgot about him. This really hurt Aragaki because the war caused him so much trauma and he thought the only place he could come back to was Coach’s gym. Now he wants revenge by destroying Coach’s pupil (Joe).

The bulk of the episode focuses on Aragaki as a veteran, and it was really affecting–I wasn’t expecting such a sensitive portrayal of veteran’s issues. It seems that in this sharply stratified society, veterans like Coach and Aragaki, who were sent off to fight in a vague overseas conflict, were poorly treated–they don’t get assimilated back into society when they’re done fighting, they have mental wounds as bad as physical ones, and PTSD is a huge problem for them. Coach visits a veteran’s graveyard where he sees how many took their own lives, and it’s a shocking mirror to the problems countries like America face today. If a Japanese boxing anime can capture it so well, I suppose the struggles of those sent off to fight are truly universal.





Nothin, much, chillin this week.



Honestly, there’s not too much I can say about it, it’s not too different from the gameplay demo I linked a while back. There are some differences, though. This demo is much harder, they nerfed explosives so they don’t damage armor as much, which makes the boss monster much harder. Also, ammo is very limited, so you have to be REALLY careful about your shots. Now that’s cool, in some ways this makes it even harder–much harder–than the new XCOMs or even the original XCOM, since in the NuComs you had infinite ammo for everything but explosives, and in the old XCOM 2 or 3 magazines per soldier would be more than enough for most missions. In this game you only have one extra mag per man. Very cool stuff!

Also continuing with Battletech and enjoying it, How I love mech customization :3


Nothin much this week :p


Same as above :sigh:

Well, this week was just de-stressing, gonna be moar productive the next ;o

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