Living the Good Life, Episode 82 (May 18, 2018): Bloodstained is keeping me busy!

Hoof! Exciting developments this week, friends. But first, here’s the general lowdown…


Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu, ep. 7: Nother fun episode, it looks like the protag’s brother is as “off-beat” as he is. I lol’d hard when he started freaking out over losing the keys to his prototype mech, and then losing his “eye thing.” Great fun, haha!

LoGH ep 7: The taking of Iserlohn! Pretty much like it was in the OVA, though we do get to see a little more of Schenkopp’s backstory that I recall, and the events were a little streamlined (the OVA version of events was a little more involved). The Iserlohn main cannon, Thor’s Hammer, also looked reasonably cool in this adaptation.

Megalo Box ep. 7: Not much action this episode, though there is some interesting exposition on how the Gears work. The main focus is on a conflict between the next opponent, Shirato, who is Yukiko Shirato’s brother–as it turns out, she took ownership of the Shirato company over him, and he wants to use the Megalonia tournament to get it back–which also means trying to set up a fight with Joe so he can win it easily through threats of exposing Joe’s fake identity :p Pretty sneaky…It makes me wonder if there’s something else to this Gear technology, because Yukiko really wants to keep her brother from winning the tournament, and also is shown meeting with some military guys in one scene. Hmm, it’s certainly keeping things interesting 😀

Darling in the Franxx, ep. 7: Uuuuuuuuuugh. So much relationship drama, very little action. So Mitsuru and Kokoro have fallen very deeply in love, and apparently Kokoro really, *really* wants the D. Specifically, she’s figured out the birds and the bees and how women can…carry babies! This actually seems to be a significant point in the story, because when agents of the (apparent) human government find out she’s been asking those sorts of questions, they tell her to stop because humanity “has evolved beyond sexual reproduction.” This very heavily implies that the society of Darling in the Franxx is a dystopian brave new world style one, where humans are decanted from artificial wombs or cloned or otherwise reproduced artificially. The only excitement comes at the end of the episode, where it seems like the monsters are led by some kind of “Klaxosaur Queen” that slaughters a party sent by the human government to parley. Looks like war is on…




Still relaxing :p


Hooo boy. OK, so you know I’m a big fan of Bloodstained. Well, one of the stretch goals for that game was an 8-bit minigame, and…IT WAS JUST REVEALED THIS WEEK! And even better, it’s releasing on the 24th!!! Man, I was NOT expecting this!  Check out the trailer:

Looks just like CV3, pretty sweet.

Also, Phoenix Point got delayed to Q1/Q2 2019. A pity, but I was expecting that, it always happens to these crowdfunded games. As long as we don’t have ANOTHER delay, that should be OK 😀 At least they updated the demo, it runs smoother and it has some nice options now.


Not much :p


Progress continues to be made on mah secret project, hooray!

So, what’s been keeping me busy this week? Well, with the announcement of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, it’s gotten pretty active at the Bloodstained forums and discord, which means more work for me as a moderator! But that’s not so bad, I just gotta resolve interpersonal conflicts among the new members and keep everybody happy. At least the work is satisfying, and the fact I have more of it means the game is popular 😀 Well, let’s see how busy next week keeps me…


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