Living the Good Life, Episode 50 (September 15, 2017 ): Spooky Scary Specters!

Hooray for more fun weeks 😀 😀


Knight’s and Magic episode 11: Excellent episode with a lotta action! Our heroes introduce some new anti-air weapons and take down a lot of enemy ships, there’s a duel between the protag and the commander of the evil empire’s forces, and of course it all ends in victory. I’d say Eru is curbstomping the enemies a bit too easily, but at the end of this episode we see the evil empire striking back with a new badass MECHA-DRAGON!!! Seems like Episode 12 (the last of this series, so far) will be a whole lot of fun 😀 😀 😀






Pampurio’s been busy, progress is proceeding apace on the Italian translations of Dragonar 😀 Sky has some other stuff in her backlog to clear out, so I’m waiting on her, but again, getting a lot of nice stuff from Pampurio will make things go faster ;D


Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment. This is a prequel to Shovel Knight where you play as one of the bosses, Specter Knight, recruiting the other bosses (King Knight, Tinker Knight, etc.) our brave shoveler fought in the actual game. This…is really, really good. The controls and gameplay are as tight as they were with Shovel Knight, but there’s so much that’s been changed that this could be considered a whole new game in and of itself instead of just an addon–which was given to owners of the original Shovel Knight before a certain date for free! Specter Knight is more like a ninja than Shovel Knight (he can climb walls and stuff), all the songs have been remixed to be more spooky (fitting, since Specter Knight is undead), and all the bosses you fought in the previous game now have new moves and strategies. Specter Knight also has a whole bunch of all-new relics, armors, and abilities to use! Awesome stuff. Yacht Club Games–the developers behind shovel knight–really went above and beyond in giving their fans as much value as humanly possible. Specter Knight and Shovel Knight as as close to perfect as I can imagine any game trying to recapture the feel of “retro” Nintendo platformers from the 80s could get. Truly impressive.


If you’d like to see me in action as Specter Knight, check this out! ;D


Not much readan through my backlog, I’m busy with something ;o


Still busy with that secret project ;o

And another nice week comes and goes. See ya next time!



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