Living the Good Life, Episode 51 (September 22, 2017 ): Write write write!

Life is still good, still good 😀


Knight’s and Magic ep 12: Not much to say about this. For the first time, Ernesti has trouble against an opponent–that big drake thing is really tough and pulls some sneaky tricks on him! But it’s not a total defeat, the battle ends in a draw. It seems like I was wrong and there are 13 episodes total, cause the next episode preview says next Sunday is gonna be the grand finale! So yeah, this was a fun episode, the battle was cool and everything, but I guess next week we’re gonna see a whole lot more action.






Sky got back to me with Ep. 25! That should go up soon, after I run it by starseeker for one last QC 😀


Not much this week, pretty busy t-t



Only readan that’s been done involves my secret project ;D


Same as above.


And that’s it for now, see ya soon~



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