Living the Good Life, Episode 49 (September 8, 2017 ): Spooky Scary Stephen King!

‘Nother fun week 😀 😀


Knight’s and Magic episode 10: This was a fun episode, though the short length of this series is starting to tell. First, our hero and his friends infiltrate occupied enemy territory to rescue the princess of their defeated ally! Fun stuff, though the princess herself was so gloomy and whiny I found myself getting irritated. Thankfully, the guy sent to save her (the MC’s best friend) was cool and cheered her up a little, and is also painfully obviously her intended love interest. After that, our heroes destroy some airships sent to re-capture the princess, and it seems those airships were built by a mecha nerd like the MC! It’ll be funny seeing them play off each other, haha. Finally, in a last ditch effort, the bad guys send in the female spy who initially stole the super-advanced protagonist mechs way back when, but this time they’re ready for her and she’s defeated and slain very easily. That was kinda disappointing, especially since there was one sentence that intimated her family used to be nobles or something but fell from favor. But that’s all we get…maybe her background was more fleshed out in the Light Novels, but with just 12 episodes (and only 2 remaining now) there wasn’t enough time to get into that. Disappointing 😦 Ah well, still havin fun.


I also checked out the new 2017 version of Stephen King’s IT. I think it’s better than the original, if only for the production values. The new Pennywise isn’t quite as good as Tim Curry, but Bill Skarsgard is almost as good, and his monster forms are much scarier than they were in the 80s. Maybe that’s to do with better special effects and a bigger budget Aside from that, it hits all the major plot points from the original miniseries (Richie the comedian, Bev’s abuse from her father, etc.) while, as expected, leaving out the odder (the Turtle thing) and straight up bizarre (that weird-ass child orgy, what the fuck was King on? Aside from cocaine) bits from the book. It also incorporated humor very well–pretty much the entire audience laughed at Richie’s jokes and pratfalls, along with some of the sight gags like Ben’s love of cheesy 80’s songs, but nobody laughed at any of the deaths or anything–a marked contrast to some of the other crappier horror movies I’ve seen, like “Wish Upon.” I’m quite satisfied




Nothin this week, by Sky and Pampurio came back from their vacations, so hopefully things will pick up 😀


Muv-Luv Extra, Unlimited, and Alternative. They’re a trilogy of visual novels…hoo boy, do I have a lot of thoughts on them. I planned on writing a whole essay about them, but that can wait…I’m busy this week with stuff. I’ll describe ’em later :p


Not as much as I’d like, though I did check out the Shovel Knight activity book and Mad Libs. I’m a bit too old for those sorts of things, but they’re certainly great for kids.


Been writing a bit, but it’s something secret…a project that might not be done for some time. But rest assured, when it is I’ll let you guys know 😀

And that does it for this week. Since I’m working on my project expect updates to be on the brief side for a little while, but given enough time you should be pleased ;D



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