Updates to my Fanfics, Music and My Writing

Updates to all my fanfictions, friends! Check em out:




Anyways, here’s a brief fanfic-related musing and question for y’all this Friday. I’ve been having some unfortunate writer’s block recently, but I think I’ve managed to get back into the “writing groove,” so to speak. Just got a few hundred words done on the next chapter of Wayward Son (60, not 55…I’ve taken my earlier advice to heart 😉 ) last night. Not quite as much as I’d hoped, but certainly better than nothing, and I’ll hopefully be able to write more tonight. I think at least part of the reason I’ve broken my writer’s block is that I’ve found a piece of music that seems to really suit Wayward Son. Check it out:


IMO, if Wayward Son was an anime, and Chapter 60 marked the start of a new season (it does, though I don’t wanna say why because of spoilers, haha), the Wizardry I theme would make a good opening song for it. Heh, I suppose that sounds a little weird, doesn’t it? The truth is, Wayward Son owes a whole lot to old-school Japanese mecha anime. Names, concepts, and in some cases characters were taken from shows like Fang of the Sun Dougram and Zeta Gundam. One consequence of this is that I often imagined my “magnum opus” having theme musics for the characters along with opening and ending themes like anime does. I think I might post a full list of all the songs (with Youtube links, of course) I tied my fic to, but for the purposes of this brief entry, I think it was just this specific Wizardry theme which really gave me the inspiration I needed.

So here’s a question for you, friends: What’s the relationship (if any) of music to your writing? Are there songs you listen to when you write? Can certain music help you break writer’s block, as seems to be the case for me? Or do you prefer absolute silence when you work? Feel free to give me your thoughts, it’s always nice hearing from fellow authors 😀

Oh, one more thing: You may notice this entry is tagged/categorized “GGHOW.” I’ll explain what that means eventually, after I make a few more posts tagged with it. Please be patient 😉

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