Remember last week when I said I was busy with an important project? Well, I just handed it in on Wednesday and I am DONE (for now) with it! It was the second draft of the prospectus for my dissertation. I don’t wanna say too much about it now, cause my professors haven’t gotten back to me so I want to wait until I have their thoughts on it to talk about it. For now, though, just have a whimsical musing on the music I listened to while writing it…

My dissertation pertains to 19th century American history, so the Civil War figures heavily in it (Like I said, I don’t wanna go into too much detail until I’m sure my advisors are happy with what ive done). So as I started work on my second draft, to get me “in the mood” so to speak, I listened to these songs:

“Weeping Sad and Lonely,” a very plaintive Northern song I’ve heard tugged at the heartstrings so fiercely they actually banned it from playing.

“Tenting Tonight,” another Northern song. It’s not quite as full of longing as “Weeping Sad and Lonely,” but it’s still quite poignant, and expresses the desire for peace quite well.

“All Quiet Along the Potomac” isn’t as sad as the previous ones, but it strikes me as a bit of rather dark humor, with the singer referring to ambushes and sharpshooters (very important on both sides of the war) picking people off.

And, of course, can’t have a Civil War playlist without Ashokan Farewell:

Even though it’s not actually a Civil War song…XD It does capture the feeling of that time quite well, though, easy enough to see why Ken Burns used it.

So that’s the stuff I was listening to when I was getting started on the draft. When I was nearing completion on it tho, and getting nearer and nearer to the finish line, I wanted stuff that would really encourage me and pump me up. So I put on a bunch of 90s anime OPs and EDs. Here they are:

Patlabor TV series ED 2, “Paradise no kakuritsu.” It’s so upbeat, and also, the animation of the ED itself really remind me of how I felt back in my second semester of grad school–how *good* it felt to endure all the struggle and then get back home to my friends and family. Now, it reminds me of how good it feels to be on the finish line of a given project 😀

Patlabor TV series OP 1. It’s just so bouncy and upbeat, really made me feel better putting the finishing touches on my second draft as I was listenin to it ❤

And finally, the Gundam 0083 OP, “The Winner:”

After all, nothing says achieving victory (on at least one task, if nothing else) than being told you’ve got a burning heart and you’re THE WINNER! Just listening to this pumped me up and encouraged me to surge forwards with all my passion 😀

Well, that should do it for this week…I’ve got a little breathing room now, so I’mma put some more work in on chapter 70 of Wayward Son, which should hopefully be released on Monday. Till then, cya later, friends!


  1. congratulations!! that’s such a huge accomplishment!

    1. Thanks, friend! And it’s nice to see you again, too 😀

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