Living the Driven Life, Episode 159 (June 13-June 19, 2021): Still trying to boost things…

Still not as productive as I’d hoped, though I made some progress, and not too bad an extent either.


Not a bad day. Went out to Denny’s and mainly relaxed, though I did get a bit of writing done. Quite a bit, in fact…not as much as I’d hoped, but about 2000 words done, which is not bad, not bad at all. This day gets an A-.

Also watched the next ep of Megalo Box. Not much action, but a lot of plot development. On Joe’s part, he recovers easily in the hospital, and the doctor says his attack might have been due to long term damage from both boxing and the painkiller drugs. So he then has a big meal with all the kids from Team Nowhere, and this time he explicitly talks about them concerning his plans to fight Mac. They accept his decision, as does Yuri, who makes an appearance to shake Joe’s hand, and Joe also promises to fight not as “Gearless Joe” but with the Gear that Chief left to him. Meanwhile, Shirato is at a gala for a charity she’s just created when the scientist guy pops up to crash it, claiming to be chummy with her company–but as the scientist guy receives a report on Mac’s declining condition, he orders his assistant to keep it secret. Things are going VERY badly for Mac–he freaks out again at home, making his kid hate him after he destroys the picture book he’s been reading, and his wife reveals that she was bribed into accepting the BES treatment for him–after Mac was hospitalized, his son was also sick and needed and organ transplant, and the scientist guy offered to get one for Miguel if Mac’s wife agreed to sign him on for the experimental treatment–Mac was just a guinea pig! He confronts the scientist guy, who admits using him as a guinea pig, but says that Mac is still a hero who should fight Joe in the end–and Mac agrees. On to the finale, I suppose…


An okay day, but not that great. After going to Denny’s I had to set up dual-factor authentication for Discord, and that took more time than I’d liked. I did manage to do some reorganization of my project which should help it go faster, though. B+ day.


A- day–had a GREAT meal at Pho 54, but didn’t get that much work done; however, a good bit more than yesterday, so that’s nice.


Argh, not a good day–went out to eat, but too many IRL distractions kept me from getting much work done aside from a small bit. Hmm, I think I need a new strategy. Today gets a B cause it coulda been worse.


Read the next chappy of Kaiju No. 8–it was pretty predictable, Kafka nearly kills Shinomiya’s father under the control of the monster but manages to take back control of his body at the very last second. I’m still enjoying the series, but it’s no longer as inventive as it seemed it might be in the first couple chapters. Ah, well. Aside from that, went out to Pho 54 for some delish nudles. When I got home I was distracted by more stuff and couldn’t really work, although admittedly some of that was studying for my linguistics class. Dang…I gotta get going on Friday. Another B day.


Better than yesterday, but not too much…got a bit of work done, but not a whole lot. B+.


A- day. Aced the third Linguistics quiz, I’m halfway done! After doing it, I watched the final ep of Vivy. An excellent sendoff! It starts right after the end of the last ep, with Vivy’s info being sent back in time, and her telling Matsumoto what they need to do this time. She plans to use a virus to shut down the Archive and now that she knows what’s waiting for them, she can make it inside more efficiently. Before they go, Vivy talks with Matsumoto, and she’s sounding more like Diva on her own!

So then she goes not to the main Archive tower, but to the main stage mentioned in the earliest episodes, and on the way she meets Navi, her AI from the very first episode. What a nice callback! Navi tries to stop her, even conjuring a hallucination of Momoka, from the first ep too, but Vivy sees through it. Vivy gets on stage and starts singing, a vocal version of the ED, perhaps to distract the Archive, as the Toak forces from last time infiltrate the main tower with only a few casualties because Vivy knows what Archive was going to do to stop them. Elizabeth inserts one part of the shutdown virus and Matsumoto the other part, managing to stop the apocalyptic satellite drop just in time, but one stray satellite threatens to fall on Vivy, and Matsumoto sacrifices himself to stop it. Alas, since Vivy was also connected to the Archive at this point, shutting it down shuts her down as well, and the series ends with the sacrifice of both its main characters. The epilogue shows the surviving humans trying to rebuild and recover from the brief AI uprising, and the very last shots of the series are of a short-haired Vivy meeting Matsumoto, as if for the first time, who tells her to make everyone happy with her singing. Is that heaven for AIs, or something else? Who knows…

What a ride…might post more extended thoughts on the anime later. We’ll see.


Next linguistics attendance and quiz – DONE!

Fafsa – my accountant hasn’t gotten back to me with my stuff yet, he’s busy and it might take some time, so no worries.

More writing! – Got a bit done, but not too much.


Same as above.



What I described above.


A little bit of Getsu Fuuma Den: Undying Moon. They released a new character, Renge, who’s a sexy ninja lady…but unfortunately, she plays almost exactly like Getsu, just with a slightly faster attack. Still, the game itself is a lot of roguelike fun.


Nothin really.


Just what I said above.


A little bit of progress on my next project…


1: Read the end of Berserk. At least I got to see Guts get off the boat, so that’s good enough. – With Miura-sensei’s passing, I have to consider Guts leaving the boat to be good enough. Done…

2: Read the end of Girl Genius. At least I got to see Lucrezia kicked out of Agatha’s mind, so that’s something.

3: Finish up with Dragonar – YES! That’s DONE!

4: Publish my big project! DONE.

5: Play Front Mission 5.

6: Play Brigandine: Grand Edition. I think I’ll work on these emulation related things when I get a new computer–a new deskie, I mean.

7: Finish up a second big project…

8: Maybe finish up a 3rd big project related to Berserk.

9: Finish a FOURTH big project I’ve had thoughts about for a while. Won’t say much more about it other than it involves Visual Novels.

10: Donate maybe 100 dollars to a good charity I ought to find – DONE

11: *maybe* finish up a fic I’ve always wanted to put out. But this is really extra.

12: Maybe do something with Wayward Son I’ve wanted to do for a while, but also extra.

13: Maybe write one last long manosphere essay.

14: Obviously, get all my affairs in order–will, etc.

15: Finish up some other tasks Starseeker might have for me now that I owe it to her for Dragonar… – turns out there aren’t any, so though I suppose I’m a little sad I won’t have a chance to repay Starseeker, I can at least knock this off my bucket list…assuming she doesn’t find something else for me. DONE

16: Maybe a couple smaller essays on other topics – DONE

a: Critique of a blog article – DONE

b: Berserk analysis 1 – DONE

17: Maybe clear up some of the drafts I have in my drafts folder – DONE

On to next week. I keep saying I gotta pick things up, hopefully I can finally make good on that desire next week…

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