Living the Good Life, Episode 31 (May 5, 2017 ): Solid week :D

Solid week, solid week. Here’s what I’ve been up to~


First, I watched this vid from UnstableVoltage on youtube, doing an interview with Julian Gollop, the genius behind Phoenix Point! I talked about that a lot in my previous entry, one of the crowdfunded games I’m very excited for 😀

After showing off the fig trailer and introducing Gollop (he worked on the original XCOM and a bunch of other games), the interviewer talks about some of the stuff in the press packet gollop gave him. So the interview reveals that the game will have Lovecraftian influences, your soldiers will have little backgrounds but you can still customize ’em, the boss monsters will be procedurally generated too, and lots of other stuff! Definitely check it out, lots of good info there. The hype is real!!

After that I caught episode 14 of the Bloodstained Community Broadcast:

My boss over at the Bloodstained community forums, Xombiemike, does this broadcast thing 😀 It usually starts off with a smooth hip-hop rendition of the main Bloodstained theme, but I guess this time around for the “Inverted Episode,” he went with Kyrie Eleison from the Symphony of the Night soundtrack, and then some sound clips from Lecarde Chronicles 2, a fan game starring Robbie Belgrade, one of the voiceactors from the original Symphony of the Night! THEN we have the regular Bloodstained theme XD After that, Mike and my friend from the Bloodstained forums, Purifyweirdsoul (also another mod) start their discussion 😀

Since this is an “inverted” episode, Purify interviews Mike rather than the other way around. Mike explains why he made the fan forums, how they eventually became the official forums, and also shares some funny personal stories and thoughts, along with a lot of discussion on videogame music. Then they discuss some of the updates concerning Bloodstained, like the new characters, the development team’s recent visit to a game conference in Croatia, that sorta thing. So yeah, lotsa good information, so if you like Bloodstained as much as I do, you oughta check it out ;D

Also: Forever Rachel from Final Fantasy 6 makes me cry too. ;_;

After that I caught up on Berserk episode 16: Forest of Demonic Beasts! This was a good episode, at least comparatively. I liked seeing Serpico’s thoughts on Farnese’s development, and we even saw that funny rabbit from the first episode, though his animation wasn’t quite so bad now XD The animation is still kinda ehhh, though. In the action scenes, there’s a bit of a reliance on still shots–like, in one part, Isidro gets smacked by a troll, but rather than much dynamic movement we see a still shot of it, and in another, we see Guts moving to dodge a golem’s arm, and the next scene directly afterwards is just a still shot of him cutting it off. That might work with manga, but it’s not as cool in anime. As always, though, ah, well. :p

Then came Berserk 17: Spirit Realm. Almost no action in this ep, mainly exposition from the manga–what the Spirit and Astral realms are and how they interact with the material plane, the nature of the Behelit, character interactions between Isidro and Schierke, and of course new items for the party as Schierke joins it. Pretty good, pretty good all around, I can’t complain. What action there was came in the next episode preview, where some super scary trolls rather viciously dismember some unfortunate townspeople. Can’t wait for next week!


Finished up VA-11 Hall-A for the first time earlier this week. I thought the ending was kind of abrupt…I wasn’t expecting it to cut to white just when it did. I hear there are different endings though, so maybe I’ll work on those. That said, even if it was kinda short, the quality of the writing is just amazing. The characterizations, the dialogue, the worldbuilding…everything was great. I’m honestly amazed, I’d have thought the game was made by a really experienced team, but it was made by just a handful of guys with some help from Ysbryd Games. I’m really impressed, I’ll definitely pick up their next games, in that case 😀


Still dissertationan :p Also, nyaa torrents has gone down, which certainly puts a damper on any fansubbing effort! I’ll deal with all this after my third draft is finished…


Berserk fanzine! Bought a digital copy from some fans online a little while ago. It’s not much–44 pages of art–but the art is very nice and I’m always happy to support fellow Berserk fans. Check it out here:

After that, I checked out Berserk chapter 389! This was another great chapter, though their quest to restore Casca’s mind hasn’t finished yet. While Schierke and Farnese are inside Casca’s inner self, Guts talks about his experiences with some of his guy friends (Serpico and the captain guy). It was definitely nostalgic seeing him remember his very first battle (in the manga), the Snake Baron. And when Farnese and Schierke are continuing their journey through Casca’s mental world, they come across her memory of Guts, sitting in front of a bonfire of dreams, just as they had earlier in the manga! So much nostalgia ;_; It ends off with what seems to be a cool fight, which I guess we’ll see in May. Can’t wait till then!


Not too much to say on this front. My profs haven’t responded to the email I sent them, so I guess I should just continue on with my original plans and put in a bit more historical context where I can.




Yup, another good week. See ya around~


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