Andrew Jackson in Space

Haha, interesting!

Jacksonian America: Society, Personality, and Politics

My friend and fellow Tennessee historian, Gordon Belt, Tweeted out a link to a new comic book yesterday. The title? Andrew Jackson in Space. A Twitter exchange with the writer, Brian Visaggio, resulted in the following interview.

1. What is your background in the comics world? 
I’m best known at this point for doing an ongoing science fiction comic called Stronghold, which is best described as Power Rangers for grown-ups. It’s a grim book about a group of armored space ninjas leading an uprising against aliens who have conquered the earth. There’s also a lot of complicated feelings going on in it. It’s not just an action book.
I’ve been doing comics for a long time, but only really started to really engage in the field in the last year with Stronghold, which has a bit of a fanbase now. I’ve done a couple of comic shorts…

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