More Wayward Son pictures! :D

Hey guys! I’m feeling better, so, as promised a while back, I’m FINALLY ready to show you some of the sketches my friend Databunny has made for me of Wayward Son characters! Check em out:

003-Monica Sketch

Renault’s mother, Monica, as a Bishop 😀

004-Henken Sketch

Renault’s boss, Henken, who has a shady past and figures prominently later in the story.

005-Serapino Sketch

Renault’s former best friend, Serapino.

006-Lisse Sketch

Lisse, the proprietor of a bar Renault goes to often.

007-Tassar sketch

Tassar, the boss of a mercenary troupe Renault encounters one day, which Braddock also belongs to.

008-Apolli Sketch

Apolli, an archer hired by Tassar.

009-Roberto Sketch

Roberto, an axeman also hired by Tassar, and Apolli’s best friend.

012-Khyron Sketch

Khyron, Tassar’s employer. He’s a powerful magic user.

010-Rosamia Sketch

This is Rosamia, a young mage and Khyron’s apprentice.

011-Yulia Sketch

This is Yulia, Roberto’s sister, who’s serving under Khyron as a healer.

These are the good guys–now, some villains!

013-Meris Sketch

This is Meris, a dark magic user involved in a shady plot against Renault, Braddock, and the rest of Khyron and Tassar’s team.

And finally…

014-Gosterro sketch

This is Gosterro, an Archbishop of the Eliminean Church. He’s a corrupt churchman, and his plots cause grave, grave harm for Renault and his friends.

Hope you like these, Wayward Son fans! 😀



  1. Cormag Ravenstaff · · Reply

    Awesome! I really liked Khyron and Rosamia. I wasn’t expecting Lisse to look like that. But I’m saving all these pictures for reference. Though I am surprised Paptimus didn’t make the cut

    1. I hope to commission him eventually, but I’ve given my artist a TON of work so I have to make sure she’s OK with drawing more 😀

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