Gunlord Job Saga, Episode 1 (April 27, 2018): Very tough work, softened only by wonderful warm weather.

Hoof…the most unambiguously good thing that happened to me this week is icy winter weather suddenly–and I mean really suddenly-giving way to lovely warm summer/springtime weather. That feels good! But aside from that, tough times in general.

On the one hand, I got a job offer. And when I was introduced to the folks who would be my co-workers, they were suuuuper cool and nice! The working environment is also reasonably pleasant and welcoming, there’s a cafeteria, the bathrooms are clean, it’s very safe, etc.

The bad: From what the recruiting agent told me, it would be very weary work for somewhat unsatisfactory pay. I can’t say much at all about what I do because the materials they said I’d be looking at are important and confidential, but suffice it to say it’s data entry, putting in handwritten information into computer systems. And given how bad some peoples handwriting can be, it gets very frustrating! I also have to work at a pretty intense pace, and the work itself is sooo repetitive. I wouldn’t mind quite as much if they pay was significantly better, but I’ve already found several jobs closer to me that may pay more for less grinding, repetitive work. So I’m thinking I may not accept this offer. I’m grateful I got it, and if there weren’t better opportunities elsewhere I’d stick with it, but I don’t think it’s mercenary to look for the best offer I can find. As the old saying goes, nobody looks out for you as well as you yourself. I’m not honor-bound by a signed-in-blood agreement to take this job; so long as I give them proper notice that I won’t be accepting the offer it should be OK. They should be able to find someone closer to their area, and me, I’ll find a job that’s simply more suited to my tastes and pay-schedule requirements. Anyhoo…


Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu ep. 4: Haha, another classic episode! The first part involves having to take a leak in the middle of an intense fight, and the second…oh boy XD It makes fun of the “newtype” concept in Gundam, where all these teenagers start talking with each other via telepathy. Here, our protagonist uses his mind powers to…have a conversation with a stray pubic hair in his cockpit! XD XD XD


Logh ep 4: This was a good one. We see Yang’s life before he became a famous admiral, and also some of his studies of history–the show makes the same good point the original OVA did, that dictators gain power when the people themselves don’t want to do the hard work of democracy. We also see the first event that made Yang famous, the evacuation of El Facil, in slightly more detail than we did in the original series. It seems like El Facil was just abandoned by the fleet that was supposed to defend it, but Yang anticipated that and figured he could evacuate everyone while the cowardly fleet was hunted down by the Empire. A good ep all around.


Darling in the FranXX ep 15: Lotta stuff happened this episode–there’s a big assault on an enemy stronghold, so thankfully there’s a lot of mecha action. 02’s not piloting with Hiro, so she’s going berserk, which is bad as there’s a gigantic “boss” monster only the full power of her mech can defeat. So Hiro’s friends (including Ichigo, who realizes her love for him is unrequited) get him over to her, he and 02 express their love for each other, which seems to give their mech a huge powerup (it changes color) and allows them to destroy the big beastie. The strange thing is, though, while they’re destroying the cores of the monsters, they see something inside the creatures that looks like a human being. Well, that wasn’t unexpected…seems like a lot of anime do the whole “the monsters are actually human!” thing. 😛


I’ll watch the next ep of Megalo Box tomorrow, cause my job keeps me very busy on Fridays.



Nothin, busy with werk.


Battletech came out on Tuesday! I couldn’t play it much due to werk werk werk, but I did get a bit of fun in.

I’m really enjoying it! It reminds me of Front Mission in all the right ways–turn-based tactical battles with customizable mechs. The music is really nice too. My only problems with it so far are very long load times and the battles can get pretty slow–I wish they let you skip movement and shooting animations. But aside from that, it’s the most fun I’ve had customizing mechs since Front Mission! Now, unfortunately, you can’t swap parts between mechs like you could in that game, but in Battletech, there’s a huge variety of hardpoints and stuff you can mix and match with weapons to your heart’s content. Wonderful fun!


Nothin much this week :p


Same. So busy…:sob:

Well, I did give them my 2 weeks notice just a little while ago. Hopefully within 2 weeks I’ll be able to relax…<3

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