Goals for College the Second Time Around (Winning Too Hard, Part 3 of ?)

Hey guys, as you may have noticed, there’s a section in my College Saga entries titled “Miscellaneous Goals.” I realized I didn’t explain that much, so I’ll do so now.

One reason I think I had so much trouble in college, and why I haven’t had the best of luck in the job hunt, is that my path through my first alma matter was sort of rudderless and directionless. I went to class and did my best (and indeed, after some early failures I did quite well, certainly well enough to get into grad school), but the only thing I really concentrated on was my grades. I didn’t give much thought to, or spend much time on, anything beyond that, including what I was gonna do after college. And I didn’t have a clear idea of what I wanted to do, or what would be good for me! Given that college is supposed to be about networking as much as studying…yeeeeeah. Bad idea. So, in addition to my specific responsibilities for each of my classes, here are the overarching goals I have as I make my way through my second attempt at the undergraduate life. Hopefully keeping an eye on these, and laying them out specifically, will net me greater success!

1: Focus on finding a good job right out of college!

Like I said, I should have focused on job hunting and networking WHILE I was in college the first time. So this time it’s gonna be different! I headed to the career center last week, I think I’ll do the same this week. I really wanna see if I can earn a nice internship, preferably over the summer, that can get me set in directly with a company that’ll either hire me down the line, or if not, at least get me set in with people who can give me recommendations and even point me towards other companies I can get in with after I’ve gotten my second BA.

2: Get more scholarships!

Less important, but FAFSA and my state financial aid thing aren’t giving me that much money since this is my second BA and as I’ve mentioned before, I’m actually pretty well off since I was very good with managing money I got in grad school. But maybe there are some scholarships that can give me some goodies. I’m doing some research, but the website my uni has for its associated scholarships isn’t working–I asked and they said it would start up again next semester. Hmmm…

3: Maybe make IRL friends?

Last but not necessarily least, I think I’m gonna hang around some of the student associations and see if I can make some IRL friends. I love my online friends very dearly, but even so, it never hurt to make new friends, right? And it might do me some good to associate with people IRL, gotta improve my social skills to impress folks at job hunting sessions. And there’s networking to think about too! So that’s another thing…

And that’s it for that at the moment. I think those are both reasonable and robust long-term goals…we’ll see if I think of anything else.

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