Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 72 (November 14-November 20, 2021): 12th week of my 5th semester…

Thankfully I’m feeling better! 😀


Course 1: COM 447 (Graphics)

Project 1 – DONE!

Project 2 – DONE!

Project 3 – DONE!

Project 4

Lab 1 – DONE!

Lab 2 – DONE!

Lab 3 – DONE!

Lab 4 – DONE!

Lab 5 – DONE!

Lab 6 – DONE!

Lab 7 – DONE!

Lab 8 – DONE!

Lab 9 – DONE!

Lab 10 – DONE!

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Course 2: COM449 (Ad Writing)

Project 1 – DONE

Project 2 – DONE

Project 3

Blog 1 – DONE

Comment 1 – DONE

Comment 2

Workshop 1 – DONE

Workshop 2 – DONE

Workshop 3 – DONE

Workshop 4 – DONE!

Workshop 5 – DONE!

Workshop 6 – DONE!

Workshop 7 – DONE!

Discussion 1 – DONE!

Discussion 2 – DONE!

Discussion 3 – DONE!

Discussion 4

Discussion 5

Course 3: COM 360 (Social Media Analysis)

Quiz 1 – DONE!

Quiz 2 – DONE!

Quiz 3 – DONE!

Quiz 4 – DONE!

Quiz 5 – DONE!

Quiz 6 – DONE!

Quiz 7 – DONE!

Quiz 8 – DONE!

Quiz 9 – DONE!

Quiz 10 – DONE!

Final project graph

Final project essay

Final project presentation



A+ day! Feeling pretty much better, though not quite 100%, and yes, FINALLY knocked off my damn COM 447 3rd project!


Holy SHIT. Today had no right being as good as it was!

When I woke up, I was still feeling a little bad–not that bad, but not 100%–so I thought it would be a REALLY tough day at work, and I also had a very tough time sleeping last night, which was pretty bad. So I was both tired AND sick, but when I got to work it actually wasnt that bad. I also got my Battletech plushy in! So yeah, A+++ day!


Oh nice, couple new chapters of Delinquent Exorcist Reina came back! It’s been a while but as I recall there was some gender bender thing going on, and it turns out its because of this ghost/psychic guy who’s created his own little reality somehow. It’s kinda funny because of how derpy he looks, haha.

Knocked off Quiz 10 too, w00t! And another discussion for COM 449! The only bad thing was that I’m still feeling a little sick. But accomplished so much this day gets an A anyways 😀


A- day, I’ve had worse. Still coughing and not feeling 100%, and I made a couple small mistakes at work that were kinda dumb, but nothing serious, just gotta be more careful next time.


Solid A day! Most challenging day at work I’ve had yet, and I made a couple small errors, but I did the rest of my job so well my supervisors told me it was no big deal and I could correct those mistakes easily next time. Nice! Didn’t get much college work done tho…


I was so exhausted from yesterday’s work I didn’t do much, though I did get a couple emails off about class stuff. Day gets an A I suppose.


Solid A day! Went out for some yumyums and then just relaxed at home.


Finish up COM 447 project 2 – DONE

Com 447 final project checks – DONE!

COM 360 quiz 10 – DONE

COM 360 final project stuff – I’ll keep doing this

COM 449 discussion 3 – DONE!


COM 449 Discussion 4

Final Project 447

Final Project 360

Final Project 449



Nothin really.


A lot of Mount and Blade: Warband. Such a realistic portrayal of medieval life…at least as far as it goes. I love the game but you can tell it’s pretty jank, and the repetition can get really annoying. I’ve been helping Swadia conquer the Rhodoks and trying to get as much reputation with as many lords as I can to make conquering all of Calradia easier when I get to it…


It Calls From the Sky, a collection of short stories similar to the other ones I read a while back. Not much to say about these, they’re not the greatest but they’re not too bad and for the price and the small publisher I’m happy–4 stars.


What I said above.


Just class stuff.


1: Finish up a second big project…

2: Maybe finish up a 3rd big project related to Berserk.

3: Maybe do something with Wayward Son I’ve wanted to do for a while, but also extra.

4: Obviously, get all my affairs in order–will, etc.

5: Finish a FOURTH big project I’ve had thoughts about for a while. Won’t say much more about it other than it involves Visual Novels.

6: *maybe* finish up a fic I’ve always wanted to put out. But this is really extra.

7: Read the end of Girl Genius. At least I got to see Lucrezia kicked out of Agatha’s mind, so that’s something.

8: Play Front Mission 5.

9: Play Brigandine: Grand Edition. I think I’ll work on these emulation related things when I get a new computer–a new deskie, I mean.

Next week is thanksgiving break…

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