Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 1 (and bonus Thanksgiving Thoughts!)

Like I promised last week, my friends, here’s an update on how my dissertation is going. This entry will be a little sparse, since I’m A: pretty busy, and B: not sure how much I can divulge about my dissertation, I’ll have to ask my advisors. Before then, though, I’ll just put a brief description of what I’m doing right now (in between playing Bloodborne XD) and what I hope to do in the future.

I haven’t started writing the dissertation yet, at the moment I’m mainly doing a lot of reading of secondary texts (written by other historians) and paying particular attention to the bibliographies. Why? To get my hands on primary documents! I’m making notes of where other authors have found archives of letters, articles, etc. written by the people I’m studying, so I can know where to find them myself and then get a hold of them. Some places allow me to digitize all the stuff they have in their archives, I’ve already got pdf copies of a bunch of letters from some of my subjects. Some don’t, though, or for others its prohibitively expensive. That’s why I’m preparing to head to the Library of Congress in early December, armed with the bibliographies of a lot of my secondary readings, so I can find the things I need over there easier (the Library of Congress–and the National Archives–are super big)! There I can ask for reproductions of the things I need, or if that’s too expensive, try to get as much work as I can done over there.

I’ll be heading there in early December, so I have a little over a week to hang out at home, continuing my secondary reading of the bibliographies–and enjoying Thanksgiving with my family, of course. I just had some Polish food for this thanksgiving XD

Since it’s the season, though, I suppose I should mention I’m grateful for quite a lot. My friends, first and foremost–both all the folks on WordPress and everyone else I have all through the rest of the Internet. I’ve already said this so many times, but it bears repeating, you guys have strengthened me and sustained me so much over the years I can’t really imagine life without you ❤ I’m also grateful to my family, who keep me fed and housed as I progress on my dissertation 8) I’m also very thankful for my dissertation committee, who have been just wonderful, exactly what I needed in every respect, over the course of my project as well–though I can describe them more when I get their permission to talk about my dissertation more freely. Hmm…I guess I’m also thankful for the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters DLC. I have my criticisms of it, but this is supposed to be a happy day, so I’ll just say all the new weapons are cool and there’s one really awesome boss fight that was a lot of fun. I’d be more thankful if my PS4’s internet didn’t seem to be fritzing out constantly, though. 😡

Anyways, that should be all for today. What’s for next week? Maybe another dissertation entry, maybe another one about Wayward Son…we’ll see ;D




  1. I wish you good luck with your dissertation!

    1. Thanks, friend 🙂

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