Living the Good Life, Episode 153 (August 16, 2020): Gotta keep up the hustle!

Another good week, my friends. Things are gonna heat up again soon, but for now I can enjoy everything.



This week I was too busy to do much, I’ll contact Star next week.


Ep. 18 of No Guns Life: This was a REALLY good episode–mostly stand-alone, but with some tie-ins to the larger plot. So Tetsuro’s back with Juzo, and Juzo’s happy he’s safe as well as the landlord lady(guy). However, Tetsuro’s feeling conflicted about both his history with Spitzbergen and his promise to them to unlock Juzo’s battleform with his powers.  Before he can think about it too much, Juzo gets a new client–a beautiful young lady who wants them to find her husband, Edmund, who married her after her fiancee, Theodore, died during the war, but served in Theodore’s unit. Edmund is a big super cyborg like Juzo, but with a motorcyclehead rather than a gun, and disappeared after getting himself fitted with some very heavy weaponry. So Juzo and Tetsuro wander around for a bit, the only thing they discover is that Ed used to be in a secret unit like Juzo was. However, by coincidence, Ed hits up Mary for some repairs to his weaponry, and when Juzo encounters him when he comes back, the two of them head outside for a confrontation. Ed attacks Juzo, but as his final electric attack is about to connect, a kid wanders into the battlefield! Juzo manages to save the kid by throwing him at Ed, even though he could have used the kid as a hostage, because the lightning attack wouldn’t harm Ed himself (he would be protected from his own electricity). Ed is surprised at this heroism, and tells Juzo that he’s after his old partner, who was a ruthless murderer–Juzo couldn’t be him, because Juzo was such a nice guy. Tetsuro and the client lady encounter them just in time, where the lady reveals she knew Edmund was really Theodore, having been super cyborgized after being wounded. Ed–or Ted–says this was because he didn’t want his murderous partner to hunt her down, and that’s why he wanted to kill the guy–get the evil one before the evil one can get you or your family, pretty much. But Juzo says not to worry, because Ted’s old partner, named 5, is dead–Juzo killed him a few years back. And that’s the end.


This was a funny episode, the fight between Juzo and Ted was pretty cool, and we got a tie-in to Juzo’s past. Definitely a winner in my book!



Nothin this week, really.


Nothing much this week.


Another chapter of Musuko (a new character was introduced, a cute moth lady), another chapter of Send My Regards to Kenshiro (loved this one, it revolves around the protag trying to figure out how he can rip clothes like Kenshiro does), Delinquent Exorcist Reina (loved the next couple of chapters, little bit of humor but it seems like they’re setting up for a huge battle with the bunch of ghosts haunting their friend, and the latest chapter has the whole party separated and sent off to the haunted house in the ghost dimension, but where the werewolf girl can control her powers!), and the next couple of chapters of Kaijuu no. 8. It’s getting interesting, our protag barely manages to keep himself in the testing with just his human powers, but then a really powerful monster shows up for no reason, almost killing the top girl, and he has no choice but to transform to fight it. Wonder what’s up with the powerful kaijuu, guess we’ll see next chapter.


Marketing marketing marketing! Sending out emails to my friends and a lot of other folks too about advertising for my book, if anyone’s interested in reviews, etc.

So yeah, the marketing stuff has been keeping me busy, and it’s gonna get even busier, cause classes start the week after next. I’m also taking a MASSIVE courseload…6 classes! However, these are all online. So it’s a risk, and one that may backfire, but a calculated one–my online geology class was pretty easy, and most of the classes I’m taking are in Communications, which shouldn’t be as memorization-heavy as compsci courses. However, it may be I’m underestimating things again…we’ll have to see. But again, this was a calculated risk going off of my experiences with Geology my first semester, so if I’m wrong, I’ll take some solace in not being egregiously wrong. Wish me luck!

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