Living the Good Life, Episode 152 (August 9, 2020): VERY accomplished week!

WOO-HOO! Finally, YEARS of work have come to fruition! The project I’ve been working on? It’s OUT, guys! 😀

Aside from that, I also had a lot of fun this week, so it was a great one. Here it is:



Star’s working on another project right now, AFTER that she should help me 😀


Ep. 17 of No Guns Life: Oooh, I wasn’t expecting this. The director lady pays Juzo a visit to tell him that Tetsuro and his landlord…lady…have been released by the terrorists (Spitzbergen) in good health! Meanwhile, a new character, a detective-looking guy named Podpie with enhanced eyes, makes an appearance, sneaking around Juzo’s office, just as the girl he rescued at the end of the previous season pays him a visit because she has a crush on him. Of course, he’s alone with the director and she gets the wrong idea, naturally. I like a little bit of humor, here it’s not too obtrusive 😀 So then the scene shifts to the barber/maintenance shop Juzo goes to, where Podpie follows him. He starts creeping on the the young assistant girl there, and when Mary wanders in for a haircut too, she punches him and unveils his secret–he’s not a detective, he’s just some weirdo whose enhanced eyes (X-Ray vision, pretty much) allow him to see through clothes and take pictures. So yeah, definitely a red herring, I thought this guy would be like a spy from Spitzbergen or Beruhen, but no, he’s just a random nobody pervert. Naturally, Juzo doesn’t take well to this, but when Podpie takes one look at Juzo’s body, he completely freaks out and swears to change his ways–he can see how heavily modified and powerful Juzo’s cyborg body is. Juzo takes that opportunity to explain to Mary a bit more about his past–He was part of a unit called “Noble Rot,” which had a really bad reputation, and himself especially. And that’s that. Essentially no plot this episode, but I guess we needed a bit of relaxation and humor after how heavy the last few were.



A TON of Blasphemous: Stir of Dawn! It’s the new DLC–for free!–for Blasphemous, adding 5 new bosses and a bit of extra stuff, such as new modes to play through in NG+. Check it out on mah playlist:

It’s an improvement on some of the criticisms I made of the base game in some ways. Now you can teleport between save points as well as warp zones, which reduces the tedious backtracking, and there’s one skill that makes you move faster, which is very much appreciated. The additional content is aesthetically top-notch, just as the base content was, and the new music is FANTASTIC, the boss theme for the new bosses, “Baile de Violetas,” is INCREDIBLE, and the boss fights themselves are very well-designed. The NG+ mode, along with the “nightmare” difficulty selections, are also really well done, the “three penances” system–one of which changes how health works, another of which makes you rely on magic, and the last of which severely punishes death and prevents health regeneration–really add a whole new way to play–three new ways, in fact.


However, at the moment, I can’t recommend it. Why? There are a ridiculous amount of bugs, which I describe in my playthrough videos, particularly those at the end. You can see some getting stuck in walls in my playthrough, and the rewards for beating the Penances weren’t properly given. Also, despite the generally smooth way the game plays, sometimes it is REALLY annoying–your character has a tendency to flop around when hit, sometimes the controls don’t quite work (though that may just be my controller, but I don’t think that explains the errors with the dashing slash), and the prayers are generally pretty useless, aside from the invulnerability one. So even though the DLC was free, and even though the music is absolutely stellar (Carlos Viola deserves an award for the new boss music in the DLC, Baile de Violetas), the amount of bugs makes it too much of a slog. I’ll come back to it after a couple of patches.



Nothin this week. I was busy busy busy putting the finishing touches of this release,


Next couple of chapters of Kaijuu No. 8. Now this is interesting, our hero tries to pass the tests WITHOUT making use of his monster powers. That makes things a little interesting, though it’s still pretty similar to My Hero Academia from what I’ve heard.

Also another chapter of Deliniquent Exorcist Reina–not much humor, they seem to be gearing up for a huge confrontation with a bunch of evil spirits. Wonder how that’s gonna turn out…


Nothing much, just basking in the glory of a project finished 😀

So yeah, good times. I’m gonna be busy, though…I gotta work on getting the word out about my book!

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