Living the Good Life, Episode 115 (February 9, 2019): Little nicer weather…

Man…when it rains, it pours, though in this case, it’s like “when it snows, it’s windy too.” No blizzards this week, but it was so windy they had a weather warning out and I couldn’t go out much. Ah, well…


Golden Wind ep. 18: This one starts off scary…one of Melone’s associates is talking to their boss as he’s driving to meet up, and their boss, Risotto, is torturing some dude to make him do computer stuff. I wonder what? Then, after the OP,we get to the fight, and…


Oh man, it’s insane. I give up, I can’t keep up with these fights anymore, I have no idea what’s going on. I *think* the enemy stand is really resilient, refusing to die even after the piranha chewed through it, but then it evives and grows taller with longer limbs, a sort of rage powerup. Giorno and the evil stand trade punches again, and I guess Giorno tricks it because his stand turned the motorcycle into a hand that the evil stand removed earlier, so when the evil stand chops off that hand and tries to incorporate it into its own body, Giorno turns it back into a motorcycle and blows up the enemy stand from the inside. Literally…he ignites the gasoline in the cycle. But the stand user, Melone, isn’t dead, so they still have to worry about him.


Well, not for long…it turns out Giorno touched the burning corpse of Melone’s stand, and through contact with it, turned one of the stand parts back near Melone on the train into a venomous snake, which promptly bites and kills him.


After that, they all go inside their turtle home base and get new orders from the mysterious Diavolo, their boss, and the man to whom they’re trying to get Trish. Abbachio uses his rewind-play powers to see a message left for them by Pericolo, the old dude from the early eps, who kills himself afterwards! ;_;


So their next destination is Venice, but as they’re driving there on a bridge with another car, they get attacked by the stand user talking to Risotto at the beginning of the ep, who has weird powers…well, they all do, but now he’s like freezing up the car or something. I guess his ability is to freeze things, and he freezes Giorno’s foot to the pedal so he can’t stop the car, and Giorno’s frozen so he can’t use his stand abilities, and he also puts an ice shield around himself to protect from Mista’s bullets. Then the bad guy starts rambling on about the pronunciation of Paris and Venice…wtf, what a weirdo. Anyways, they manage to escape by Mista firing some more bullets, but not to hit the enemy, but just produce heat, which is barely enough for Giorno to use his stand powers and turn the bullets into vines which grab the enemy from off the car.


Then the foe shows off his stand, which is really cool! It’s sort of like a suit of armor rather than an independent stand, which makes him invulnerable to bullets, and it also has skates on its feet that allow it to skate on any surface! Mista tries to shoot at his skates to make him lose balance, and it almost works, but he sends out a rope of ice to grab onto the car and then drag himself into it. He tries to freeze Giorno and Mista to death, but Giorno promptly drives the car off of the bridge to Venice and into the water. Exciting, but…where were all the other cars?! Top lel.



Nothing this week, Star’s relaxing 😀


Mainly Total War: Warhammer II. It freezes up a lot in battles…that annoys me :[

Also, Phoenix Point was delayed:

I was expecting that, though, so no biggie 😀 A few extra months should let them polish it up nicely. And september’s my birthday too!


Same as last week, some books on german history.


Another 1000 words done on my secret project. Not as much as I’d hoped, but better than nothing. let’s hope next week’s better…

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