Living the Good Life, Episode 29 (Friday, April 21, 2017): Puttin some work in!

Back to the regular, my friends! But I’ve also recently got something to keep me busy ;o Read on!


Second season of Berserk is out! I missed it for a couple weeks but I managed to catch up this week.

Episode 13:

Uuugh…the animation isn’t much better than it was before (for instance, the great swordfight between Guts and Zodd in the manga looked kinda, well, silly in motion here). At the very least it’s not worse, and there weren’t any ridiculous moments like that silly rabbit from Episode 1. Well, at least it’s something to keep watching…

Episode 14: Farnese’s backstory was quite well portrayed, I think–they used hand-drawn animation there, it seems, which thankfully is a little better than the terrible CG in most of the other parts. But there’s a lot of jumping around which I don’t like…the ep starts with Griffith fighting the Kushan, then cuts to the backstory with Farnese, then cuts to how Guts and Casca are doing (not well). It’s following the manga well enough, but not in a very coherent way…it seems to me the director hasn’t learned much 😦 Ah, well…

Episode 15: Pretty solid, lots of nice action especially when we see the other Apostles in Griffith’s army, and I like how the Band of the Hawk is portrayed as being strong because it treats its Kushan opponents with mercy–Griffith doesn’t just kill prisoners, he offers them a chance to serve as front-line troops in his army, and if they display loyalty in the face of death, they become full soldiers without any discrimination. This is a lot better than what Kushan conscripts were used to, so most happily accept. I thought that was very cool, though…well, we know Griffith is actually an evil demon king in disguise, so something tells me all this mercy is just a mask for something more sinister. 😦 But at least for now it’s cool, though once again poor CG hinders what would otherwise be nice action scenes.

Aside from that, I gotta give props to the opening and ending. The music for these, along with some of the great insert songs from Susumu Hirasawa, are apparently the best things the new Berserk adaptation has to offer us :p


Beat the Dark Souls III DLC, here’s me fighting the last boss:

I played a lot more after that, like beating all the DLC on my other character, so I spent a lot more time on the game than just this one boss. Dang…I don’t think that Dark Souls III is as meaningful to me, overall, as Demon’s Souls or even Dark Souls I was, but it’s definitely a solid game and I think a considerable improvement over Dark Souls II. I wonder what’s next for Bandai-Namco?

Aside from that, I’ve been playing some more VA-11 HALL-A too. I remain impressed with the quality of its writing…no spoilers, but there have been a couple of parts so far (I’m on day 10) which have actually managed to give me a case of the feels! Definitely a cut above what I would expect. The only other thing I’d mention is that just about every character in the game seems to be either gay or bisexual, which is fine by me. Just kind of amusing, IMO–I can’t tell if the creators were intending to be progressive or pandering, since a lot of straight guys (such as yours truly ;D) sure like to watch girls kissing. XD XD


Still playan Dark Souls, and also gotta get busy with my dissertation again (see writan below) so I haven’t done much on that front ;_;


See what I’ve been…


All hands on deck! My profs got back to me with revisions to my second draft…well, sorta. They emailed me back with some comments, but my main advisor made specific notes on a hard copy of it, so…I gotta wait for him to mail it to me physically via usps! ;_; In the meantime, though, they gave me some general suggestions:

1: The writing’s much improved, especially chapter 3, but I still don’t sound confident enough in my own analysis and rely too much on parenthetical hedging. That should be easy to change, now that I’m on mah third draft, I think I feel safe speaking with more authority ;D

2: My first chapter is way too big, like twice the size of any other chapter. I ought to cut it in half to make it moar readable.

3: I added in some historical context, and my subheadings made my narrative seem a bit less pointillist, but it’s still not quite as integrated as it needs to be. Some *moar* historical context should make it even better on that front!

4: My chapter titles are kinda vague, I need to make ’em zestier XD

So yeah, definitely an improvement, and not like I have to rewrite the whole thing, but enough to keep me busy for a little while. I’ve been reading my second draft and thinking of things to do. I’ll have to wait until I actually get the marked up second draft in the mail to really get down to business, but I can at least start brainstorming, which is keeping me occupied for most of this week! ;o But I have managed to enjoy myself a little…















That’s it for this week, cya the next ;D

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