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Living the Good Life, Episode 7 (Back to the Routine): June 3, 2016

Back to my normal schedule, I suppose. WATCHAN: Jojo episode 9, and Macross Delta episode 9, The Vision of Escaflowne (full TV series) Jojo: Spoilers, but suffice it to say Koichi got an upgrade which I thought was pretty cool. ;D Macross: Very cool. The protagonist scored his first combat kill, but he took it […]

Walking a Tightrope Across a Grim, Dark Ravine (Designer Notes for Wayward Son)

A thought experiment, dear readers. Let me give you a story to read. The protagonist is a psychotic mass-murderer and he lives in a world where almost everyone else is a psychotic mass-murderer. The story revolves around him killing, raping, and eating (in a random order) helpless civilians for 500 pages before finally blowing up […]