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Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 5: The Christmas Special

Back again for another update on how I’m doing, brothers and sisters. As usual, there’s been good and bad since I got back from Washington. First, the good. My dissertation advisor told me to “do at least one real thing for your project every day.” And I’ve been doing that! Ground on my actual dissertation […]

Gunlord’s favorite writing place and time! And Amazon.com hauls!

A considerably shorter and perhaps more whimsical entry for you today, my friends. Today, I’d like to talk about my favorite places to write! I’ve worked on Wayward Son in all kinds of places. My house, my dorm room in college, my dorm room and apartment in grad school, public areas and Internet cafes, and […]

Gunlord’s Writing Method

Yet another fanfiction-writing related entry for you today, friends! It’s a bit more light-hearted and less critical. I’ll discuss my writing method! The first thing I do is look at my overall story outline. That’s a file in my Wayward Son folder that goes through revisions constantly and is pretty short. Stuff gets added and […]