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The third time’s the charm–for the third time! Digital Storm has done it again! (Review of my Digital Storm Bolt III PC)

I’m quite a happy camper today, my friends. My new desktop PC came in today, and it seems to be working very well! As my previous two purchases were, this one was from Digital Storm, and I’m as pleased with my third DS machine as I was with the previous two. Let me give you […]

Annoyance with Hewlett-Packard

No writing log today, my friends–I didn’t get any work done on my fic at all this week! I have a good excuse, though: Things are looking up for my grad school career! I spent most of the past few days meeting with professors and talking about my proposed project with them, and it seems […]

Review of my New Laptop, the Digital Storm Lance

Ah, the joys of computer shopping. Dealing with underpaid stockboys (from anywhere in the world), utterly indifferent management, and machines that work poorly, if at all, when you finally get them. I’ve handled all that nonsense before with larger computer retailers, so last year I decided to go with a smaller, dedicated boutique computer shop–Digital […]

Review of my new computer, the Digital Storm Bolt

1: Personal Background Since reviews are meant to assist other potential buyers, I figure my readers would appreciate a little personal background on me, to get an impression of what sort of buyer is giving this (glowing) review of Digital Storm. While I play videogames quite a bit, I’m actually not a “hardcore” gamer, I […]

The comfiest budgie in the world

My two parakeets. The yellow one being comfy is little Goldie, who is the queen of the cage. The green and yellow one is little Flickie, who is constantly bossed around by little Goldie. This was taken on my Galaxy S4 phone.

Quick Smartphone note (Samsung Galaxy s4)

Remember I mentioned a little while ago I got a Samsung Galaxy S4 recently? It’s been working well enough for me, but I just had my first problem with it today. I kept it plugged in last night while I was sleeping, but when I woke up and went to work I didn’t bother to […]

Quick note

Got myself a Samsung Galaxy S4 yesterday. It works quite well and I’m pretty pleased with it, but just as a note, I may start taking videos and reposting them here from youtube. 😀