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Quick book review (maybe a little more than a quickshot-Necrom)

Another book review for you today, my friends, of one of the books I mentioned in this list. Check it out! Book Review: Mick Farren, Necrom. New York: Ballantine Books, Del Rey, 1991. My Score: 3/5 The story starts off with Joe Gibson, a former rockstar who’s now a washed-up nobody. He’s managed to get […]

Space: (not) the final frontier?

Bonus article for you today, my friends. Check out Dwayne A. Day’s recent offering for the Space Review: Long story short: The thesis is that recent sci-fi movies, particularly <i>Gravity</i>, have portrayed space as a scary, dangerous place rather than full of opportunity. In the author’s view, they emphasize that humans should take care of […]

Legend of the Galactic Heroes quotes (MASSIVE SPOILERS)

Hey guys! Gunlord again, giving you my second QUOTES entry. I originally posted these on my Livejournal, so they may be a little disorganized, but their strength should make up for it, IMO. All of these are from Legend of the Galactic heroes this time. LoGH was originally a novel series by Yoshiki Tanaka before […]