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Chatroom Justice, Part II

As I promised last week, friends, here’s a follow-up post to my previous one. This time, I’ll be discussing some more life lessons taken from the chatroom I was ejected from.   1: Know when to back off from a conversation. Some time ago, I got into an argument with someone when he called the […]

Chatroom Justice

This entry’s actually been cross-posted to my Tumblr and facebook blogs–I figured some of you might be interested in these sorts of matters, so I copied it here as well. I have, in a stroke of the most thorough irony, acquired a rather sturdy tolerance for the people called “Social Justice Warriors” over the past […]

Thoughts on Leaving a Place

A bit more of a contemplative entry for you today, my friends. Nothing in particular brought this on, but I wanted to get this out at some point, and figured today was as good a day as any. It’s primarily relevant to Internet communities, I suppose, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it applied to […]

Moar things Gunlord has been up to-Mid-June edition

One more sort of sedate entry for you today, companions. Some of the things I’ve been doing have been sort of interesting, even if they’re not hardcore fanfiction or dissertation work, so I figured I would talk about them a bit. 1: Corrected some trouble with an amazon.com order! In my previous entry, I noted […]

Random Musings on Catholicism and Liturgical Languages (x-posted to Tumblr and Medium)

I can understand the historical reasons for the Catholic Church’s use of Latin as a liturgical language, of course. In Western Europe, at least, it was simultaneously “everyone’s and no-one’s” (as I recall one historian putting it, though I don’t remember his name). It was the only common language at a time when, following the […]

More Wisdom On Moving To A New Place

As I mentioned last week, friends, I moved into a new apartment recently. Couldn’t say much since I was so busy, but things have calmed down a little and now I’ve gotten a bit of free time. So let me provide you with a handful of insights I’ve managed to glean over the course of […]

Random Thoughts On What I’ve Been Reading Recently

No dedicated writing log today, friends. Wayward Son continues to plod along at a satisfactory pace (just gotta put a few finishing touches on chapter 69 and 70), and I’ve also made a wee bit of progress on my academic work, namely my prospectus–I think I might start describing how things are coming along for […]

Lessons Learned from League of Legends: Tenacity and Adaptability

No writing log for you today, brothers and sisters. Maybe I’ll have one for you next week, but for now, I want to write a video-game related entry. I haven’t written one or many of those in quite a while, so I wanted the change of pace 😀 I’ve been playing an online game called […]

Wisdom on moving to a new place

No writing done at all this week, my friends–getting set up at grad school was more chaotic than I expected! I managed to get a new room that’s MUCH better than my old one, but as a result, I have to move all my stuff over there, pay some room changing bills, change up my […]

Random Thoughts on The Return

(No relation to the Bentley Little novel, though I did like it XD) Anyways, my friends, as I said last week, I’ve finally returned to grad school. The drive went well, and *would* have gone off without a hitch, but as it turns out, I’ve been settled in my room for a little while and […]