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Once again, not enough time for a long entry, my friends-though fortunately, I’m just barely on time! 😀 XD While I’ve gotten through the readings I hope to get through for this week, I have a LOT more to take care of–I need to read like 40 books within 10 days! D: Thus, I’m just […]

Lessons Learned from League of Legends: Tenacity and Adaptability

No writing log for you today, brothers and sisters. Maybe I’ll have one for you next week, but for now, I want to write a video-game related entry. I haven’t written one or many of those in quite a while, so I wanted the change of pace 😀 I’ve been playing an online game called […]

Wisdom on moving to a new place

No writing done at all this week, my friends–getting set up at grad school was more chaotic than I expected! I managed to get a new room that’s MUCH better than my old one, but as a result, I have to move all my stuff over there, pay some room changing bills, change up my […]

Ralph Ellison quotes

All quotes in this entry come from here: Ellison, Ralph. Shadow and Act. New York: Vintage Books, 1995. “We [American blacks] know we’re not the creatures which our enemies in the white South would have us be and we know too that neither color nor our civil predicament explain us adequately. Our strength is that […]

Man and Mortality: Gunlord’s Quickshot Review of William L. Shirer’s Twentieth Century Journey: A Native’s Return, 1945-1988

After reading the final volume of William L. Shirer’s autobiography, I have to admit one thing above all: I don’t know if the 21st century will be as bloody and chaotic as the 20th. I’m not sure if it’ll even be as exciting. While I can hope for the latter and hope against the former, […]

Some Favorite Quotes from the Internet

Another lighthearted entry for you this week, my friends. Today, I’ll just give you a few funny quotes I’ve encountered from my friends on the Internet! Some will be sourced, but others I got from places which weren’t archived, like 4chan before the creation of the foolz archives, or deleted Livejournal posts. You’ll have to […]

My own quotes

As self-aggrandizing as this may seem, have some quotes that I myself have come up with over the years. “A man who thinks he is a threat to you is very often dangerous to you. However, in my experience, a man who thinks *you* are a threat to *him * is very often even more […]