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Living the Good Life, Episode 29 (Friday, April 21, 2017): Puttin some work in!

Back to the regular, my friends! But I’ve also recently got something to keep me busy ;o Read on! WATCHAN: Second season of Berserk is out! I missed it for a couple weeks but I managed to catch up this week. Episode 13: Uuugh…the animation isn’t much better than it was before (for instance, the […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 27 (March 31, 2017): Good times, as usual!

Yet another good week! Thanks partially to the warmer weather, I’m feeling even better than I was last week, but there’s still been enough good times to keep me happy anyways 😀 Here’s the lowdown: WATCHAN: I caught the new Jake Gyllenhaal movie, Life, the other day. Urgh…the production values were high and the acting […]