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Quick Thoughts on Edge of Tomorrow (x-posted)

The other day I went out to see Tom Cruise’s latest offering, Edge of Tomorrow. It was based off of a Japanese book called All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka, which, as I mentioned in my last entry, had power armor. I love power armor! While the book hasn’t been delivered yet, I […]

You guys gotta read this

Click to access JapaneseAnimationGuide.pdf A good academic study on mecha anime, commissioned by a Japanese institute for the study of culture and translated by Matt Alt. Relevant to my interests, and relevant to a few of yours, I’d wager. 8)

Manosphere Mondays #4: Herbivores and MGTOW

Hot on the heels of my recent book review, I’d like to spend this “Manosphere Monday” expanding on the fourth essay there. Specifically, I’ll be detailing the differences between Japanese “Herbivorous Men” and the MGTOWs I’ve described before. Why is this important? Because the MGTOWs seem to have latched on to the herbivores. To be […]

Gender Benders: Gunlord’s Quickshot Review of Manga Girl Seeks Herbivore Boy

Gender in Japanese society captures more than a bit of attention these days, mostly in the form of “Oh Japan, u so crazy” type articles. Any gender-related search term—or, heck, any term, really—and Japan will bring up articles on panty vending machines or wacky Japanese tentacle rape anime or a piece on transsexuals that goes […]