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Living the Good Life, Episode 107 (December 15, 2018): Reasonably productive December nights!

Chilly chilly, but doing well overall 😀 The lowdown: WATCHAN: Uchuu Senkan Tiramisu ep. 11: Another amusing episode. Subaru’s new sidekick pilots a plane thing that attaches to Subaru’s mech to power it up, but despite his skill in the simulator, he has stage fright so he messes up Subaru’s plans in battle. Meanwhile, Isuzu’s […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 98 (September 8, 2018): Decent start to September!

Very good week! Not so much work on my project specifically, but I did get a smaller piece of writing done that I’ve wanted to complete for a little while, which is enough of an accomplishment for me 😀 The lowdown: WATCHAN: Caught The Nun on Thursday. It’s in James Wan’s “The Conjuring” universe, but […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 93 (August 4, 2018): Lotta fun books!

Yay, another good week! Mainly reading stuff over here, though 😀 WATCHAN: As with last week, nothing really on this season I’m interested in, so nothin watched :p EATAN: http://gunlord500.tumblr.com/post/176608967495/my-meal-on-sunday-july-29-2018-i-went-to-a-new http://gunlord500.tumblr.com/post/176609034175/my-meal-at-wegmans-on-monday-july-30-2018 http://gunlord500.tumblr.com/post/176609347225/my-meals-at-schnitzel-and-co-from-tuesday-july TIMAN: Sent more stuff to Sky, though she’s busy till the end of the month ;o PLAYAN: Ooooh! Lotta new developments for Phoenix […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 91 (July 21, 2018): Buncha scary stories!

VERY nice week, my friends! Both fun and productive, I hope I have more like it, as always! Here’s the lowdown… WATCHAN: Not much this week :p Now that Darling in the Franxx is done, I guess I can get to my backlog, but we’ll see.   EATAN: http://gunlord500.tumblr.com/post/176113022100/i-had-some-cigars-and-french-fries-at-or-by http://gunlord500.tumblr.com/post/176113085085/went-to-a-new-restaurant-the-mandarin-garden-on http://gunlord500.tumblr.com/post/176113147300/my-meal-at-wegmans-on-friday-july-20-2018-pizza TIMAN: Nothin this week […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 79 (April 13, 2018): Jobs soon! Perhaps!

Exciting week, my friends. The weather was bad again, with some snow showing up, but hopefully that should be winter’s last gasp. In better personal news, I might have gotten a job! Can’t say too much about it since some of the data I work with is sensitive, but suffice it to say it’s a […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 60 (December 1, 2017): December Scares

New month, new adventures~   WATCHAN: Net-Juu no Susume ep. 8: FINALLY!!! But ok, early ep stuff out of the way first. So we learn a bit more about Yuta’s history and why he loves MMORPGs so much–he was adopted and bullied because of it, so games were an escape for him, and way back […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 59 (November 24, 2017): Happy Thanksgiving 2K17!

It’s that time of year again. Turkeys, brightly colored leaves, crisp cold days…thanksgiving has arrived! Here’s wot I’ve been up to: WATCHAN: Kekkai Sensen S2 ep. 7: This was a pretty good episode. One of Leo’s friends and colleagues in the Libra organization, Zed O’ Brian, is a half-human, half-fish who can only breath water, […]