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Kindle version of The Unnecessary Science: OUT NOW!

Fantastic news, everyone! I’ve got a lot of fans of The Unnecessary Science who’ve been begging for an eBook because physical shipping can be so troublesome, and it’s finally out! And at an extremely good price too, at only 9.99$ just about everyone can afford a copy to put on their smartphone–in other words, you’ll […]

The Unnecessary Science – A Critical Analysis of Natural Law Theory: OUT NOW!!

A VERY good day today, my friends. You know that writing project I’ve been talking about all the time? IT’S FINALLY COMPLETE, PUBLISHED, AND READY TO BUY! https://www.amazon.com/Unnecessary-Science-Critical-Analysis-Natural/dp/0993510264/ As most of y’all know, I’ve spent the last couple of years critiquing the philosophy (Catholic Natural Law theory) of Edward Feser pretty intensely. Well, this book […]

Why I Don’t Fear Death

Another somewhat morbid entry for you today, my friends. If it’s any comfort, though, this one is a little less directly personal than “Having Lived a Good Life.” Here, I’ll be giving my thoughts on death again, so it’s personal in that sense, but I won’t be discussing the prospect of my own death. Rather, […]

Anti-Thomist Tidbits: A Defense of the Sexual Revolutionary

A couple weeks ago, the philosopher Edward Feser–despite all I’ve written about him, I can’t call him my rival or nemesis, because he doesn’t know I exist–wrote a blog entry titled, “Psychoanalyzing the Sexual Revolutionary.” In that essay, he argues that “sexual revolutionaries”–those who see nothing wrong with homosexual sex, or trans people, or just […]

Living the Good Life, Episode 133 (June 29, 2019): Back into the fray!

All right! Seems like I am most definitely back in business. A delightful week this has been! WATCHAN: Jojo ep 36: Doppio, in Bruno’s dying body, expresses his appreciation for Diavolo, his alter ego, as he passes away. He also wants to get one more call from Diavolo, but oh well…;-; Meanwhile, Chariot Requiem is […]

Anti-Thomist Tidbits: A Brief Critique of the Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism

Just a quick little something I whipped up for you guys about an annoying bit of reasoning I see my Thomist foes use quite a lot. It’s called the “Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism.” The funny thing is, this argument was invented by a Protestant Christian, and Thomists are Catholic. It’s from Alvin Plantinga, one of […]

Critique of a Critique of the Argument from Divine Hiddenness

Hey guys! I got a little somethin for ya this fine evening. I put out another video on the religion/atheism debate! Check it out!     Edward Feser’s e-beefs with other philosophers are usually amusing at the very least, and sometimes sources of edification as well. This is the case for a relatively one-sided spat […]

GUEST POST from Tru: Several critiques of Edward Feser and Aristotelian philosophy

Hey guys! Here’s something a little different tonight. A new commenter by the name of tru recently happened upon my posts on Aquinas (specifically, my critiques of Edward Feser’s “The Last Superstition” and “Aquinas: A Beginner’s Guide”) and left some really thoughtful comments! You can see them in their original forms here: https://gunlord500.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/against-aquinas-an-in-depth-critique-of-natural-law-ethics-theology-and-metaphysics/comment-page-1/#comment-1341 https://gunlord500.wordpress.com/2016/06/14/a-little-late-but-not-too-late-my-book-review-of-edward-fesers-the-last-superstition/comment-page-1/#comment-1340 They […]

Review of Edward Feser’s Review of Stephen Pinker’s “Enlightenment Now”

Something new and exciting, brothers and sisters. Inspired by some new friends I’ve made on twitter, I thought I might start making Youtube vids! What follows is a transcript for this video:   It’s very bad form to insult or deny the importance of science these days. Given that pretty much everybody loves their computers, […]

Fun with Final Causality

Another critique of Edward Feser’s Aristotelian-Thomist philosophy for you today, my friends. I must start this off with a bit of a disclaimer: If you happen to come across this post in the “edward feser” tag, you’ll notice it’s a response to a quote some other Tumblr user posted. Vagueblogging is in poor taste, I agree, […]