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Writing Log #21: Ahead of schedule!

Things are going pretty well in Gunlord land, my friends–not enough for a long entry, but just enough for a brief description of all the stuff I’ve managed to do! First, in reference to Wayward Son: I’m almost done with chapter 77, a little less than half a month until it’s actually scheduled to be […]

Still so busy…

It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to really make a good entry for all of you, my friends, but I yet remain swamped with work! Spring Break starts next week, though, so I hope I have time to make a better entry…at least after I get finished grading my classes’ coming midterm :D;;; […]

More Wayward Son pictures! :D

Hey guys! I’m feeling better, so, as promised a while back, I’m FINALLY ready to show you some of the sketches my friend Databunny has made for me of Wayward Son characters! Check em out: Renault’s mother, Monica, as a Bishop 😀 Renault’s boss, Henken, who has a shady past and figures prominently later in […]

Writing Log #20: Bringing Things Together (Inspiration)

Not much to report this week, friends. I got a *little* bit of work done on chapter 70 of Wayward Son this week, but I happened to make a comparatively large amount of progress today. I got maybe a couple hundred words done per day over the past week, but this Friday, I finished just […]

Writing Log #19: Little bits of progress all over the place!

I begin again with a bit of bad news: I didn’t finish chapter 69 over the weekend. I did make progress on it, though, and also, I actually got hit by a blast of inspiration and did some work on chapter 70! That’s the good news 😀 I’m not sure how wise this method of […]

Writing Log #18: A little bit of progress!

As usual, my friends, I didn’t get as much done on Wayward Son as I would have liked, but I have managed to inch forwards a little bit. Got about a thousand words done on it over the past 2 days. The reason progress is so slow is ’cause I’ve been busy TFing! Or TA’ing–some […]

Writing Log #16: Bad News and Good News

First the bad news: Didn’t manage to get chapter 69 done this week, though I made a bit of progress on it. Now, the good news: Struck by inspiration, I got some solid work done on outlines for the next few chapters (up  to 73)! That makes up for it, IMO 😀 I won’t spoil […]

Writing Log #15: Updates and a bit of progress…

First off, updates! 😀 At least I’m updating my chapters on time…which is probably a bit more than I can say for the progress of my actual writing itself. I’m glad to have finished 68, but writer’s block is at it again with chapter 70…as I said last post, I don’t have as […]

Writing Log #14: More Progress!

Good news, everyone! (Professor Farnsworth.jpg XD)  Finished Chapter 68 of Wayward Son! The writing of that went pretty well, I wouldn’t say I got myself stuck or found it a chore or anything. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the next few chapters might be a lot harder…I have a less clear […]

Writing Log #13: Chuggin’ along…

Not much to say for this week, friends, other than I’m almost done with chapter 68. There have been 2 things distracting me, mainly. First, new updates for Vindictus came out! XD Second, I’m running a playthrough of XCOM: Enemy Within for the PS3 in which I detail (painstakingly) the exploits, personalities, accomplishments, and often […]