Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 113 (Oct 09- Oct 15, 2022): Week 7 of my final semester…

Halfway done…


COM 441:

Forum 1 – DONE!

Forum 2 – DONE!

Forum 3 – done!

Forum 4 – DONE!

Forum 5 – DONE!

Forum 6

Forum 7

Forum 8

Forum 9

Quiz 1 – DONE!

Quiz 2 – DONE!

Quiz 3

Quiz 4

Final Exam

COM 443:

Project 1 – done!

Project 2 – DONE!

Project 3 – DONE!

Project 4

Project 5

Project 6

Project 7

Project 8

Quiz 1 – DONE!

Quiz 2

Quiz 3

Final Project


Chilled at home, finished up The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow, pretty nice!

Also ready next chappy of Delinquent Exorcist Reina. This was a short story, there’s one spooky ghost trying to harass people on an isolated mountain, but Reina arrives just in time to punch it out, and the cute tour guide gives the shy gynophobic teacher guy some sweets to thank him and his club for the help dealing with the previous ep’s ghost. Cute!

Also managed to finally download as many videos as I could from my ListenonRepeat playlist–that site is kinda unreliable and often youtube vids get taken down quickly, so I wanted to save as much as I could for myself. Felt good to get that out of the way, so the day gets an A!


Puttered around the house, A-.


I’ve had worse days. Went out to mail something and ate at Wegmans, A-.


Decent day at work, got some more college work done, A- day. Also read the next chappy of Berserk! All the witches and warlocks who didnt disappear have loaded up on the captain’s ship, but all of Guts’ friends are worried he’ll go berserk again. However, he’s locked himself underdecks, and he’s not angry but absolutely despairing. For the first time in his life, his sword has failed him, and Studio Gaga and Mori do a REALLY good job of illustrating how that devastated him. Some other folks are saying it’s just not as good as Miura would have been, and yeah, I think thats true and even Gaga and Mori would admit it, but I think they’ve captured at least some of what the Master would have wanted.


Nice A-  day! Went out to class, and read a couple new chappies. Nothing much happened in Kaiju no. 8, just Shinomiya and Hoshiro looking like they’ll be able to waste the monsters with their new tech. And also read the next chapter of Musuko, just a cute lil thing about baby Gospel slowly learning to control his heat powers. Cute :3


Definitely a solid A day! Got ALL the Vampire Hunter D novels as epubs for 15 bucks as a friend of mine recommended them to me on Discord, then went out to work and got my nice first paychek for that jerb 😀 Then went to get some yumyums from ittle Lamb and did a bit of college work at home. 😀


Went out to a Polish-Italian restaurant I’d never been to before, Morluski’s, and then just stayed home 😀 A- day.


Couple of good days bumped this up to an A 😀


College work – DONE!

Mail some stuff – DONE!

Email some stuff – Ugh, I didn’t get this done. Will definitely do it next week.


Email some stuff






The Excavation of Hob’s Barrow. This is a pixel graphics point and click adventure game, very reminescent of the old school ones like King’s Quest, where you click on a usually nice looking background to move your character around and interact with objects, usually to pick them up so you can use them on other objects or people in the world to solve puzzles. This, however, is a “folk horror” game, i.e it revolves around dealing with an ancient scary nature god/demon surreptitiously worshipped by the furtive inhabitants of a small isolated British village somewhere. You play as a young female wannabe archaeologist named Thomasina Bateman, who receives a mysterious invitation from a man named Leonard Shoulder in the village of Bewlay out in the mysterious moors of 19th century England, asking you to come and excavate a gravesite known as Hob’s Barrow. You accept his offer, but of course, he’s not there, the townsfolk are very very suspicious when asked about the barrow, and you start having some mysterious dreams…but you’re still determined to excavate the barrow at any cost, and in doing so meet your fate.

Not much more to say about it than that. I really enjoyed this game! As a note, I should say first off that it’s not too long, you can finish it in a single night (it took me 6 hours on a mostly blind playthrough), but even at about 15 bucks that’s the price of a hardcover horror novel, and that’s how long one of those would take me. The only bad parts of it were 1: Sometimes the spritework in the cinematics can be a little poor/weird looking, though generally it’s excellent, and 2: some of the puzzles can be a little annoyingly convoluted, I felt a *little* bored at having to go through so many steps to get a certain flower near the end of the game. But those are minor caveats. The voice acting is wonderful, perfectly fitted for old England, and the plot in general is a pretty satisfying leadup through a mild sense of dread brought on by the shifty townsfolk, into something deeper as you learn about the town’s legends and the dreams you have, and culminating into a horrifying and tragic finale. Excellent work!


Nothin much.


What I said above.


College stuffies~


1: Finish up a second big project – About halfway done with this, actually

2: Get Dragonar onto its BDs-Done for the most part with my stuff at least.

3: Maybe finish up a 3rd big project related to Berserk-This will be on hold for a loooong time while Mori-sensei finishes it up.

4: Obviously, get all my affairs in order–will, etc.

5: Finish a FOURTH big project I’ve had thoughts about for a while. Won’t say much more about it other than it involves Visual Novels.

6: *maybe* finish up a fic I’ve always wanted to put out. But this is really extra.

7: Read the end of Girl Genius. At least I got to see Lucrezia kicked out of Agatha’s mind, so that’s something.

8: Play Front Mission 5.

9: Play Brigandine: Grand Edition. I think I’ll work on these emulation related things when I get a new computer–a new deskie, I mean. I do have a new deskie, though, but I’ll hold off on the fun stuff until I’m done with everything else.

Over halfway done! REALLY gotta get on those emails…


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