Bunches of Quotes

Might not be the greatest idea, but I’ve had this entry in my drafts folder for ages and wanted to get it out. It’s another smorgasbord of quotes I found from a variety of places ranging from 4chan to Youtube (so some of them may be more than a little NSFW, forgive me). They mainly poke fun at various rightoid things (MGTOW, /pol/ racism, etc) and I have a couple of my own quotes I came up with mixed in there too. Nothing too big but I wanted to just get this out of my drafts folder, this should put a close on stuff I was working on a while back. Dont take it too seriously,

“Very good points. I would say that my number 1 reason why I hate mgtows is there massive superiority complex. Like I can tolerate the misogyny, their delusions can be pretty funny, the victim complex is annoying but barely bearable, the hypocrisy is expected so it’s not bad in that sense and their hive like mentality is interesting to observe. It’s just that once you add in those massive egos and beliefs of “enlightenment” Is what makes them just down right awful people.”

From /d/ (NSFW obvs):


“Nope I’m the idot who posted the greentext about a guy who met a kobold during a pro-life rally, I’m just sick of it, there’s only so much identitarian whining I can take. I’m an incel, but I can’t stand the other ones, MGTOW is same old, but pointless, basically lazy male supremacists. Good fracking grief if you think the Muslims are going to fix your problems for you, or you can’t get a date take up arsoft, play vidya. Learn to draw. There’s more to life than love, you will never be drained by a woman, live in gratitude. “


“I acatually used to be into all the red pill/mgtow/mra/whatever stuff.

It occurred to me that this stuff all gives you a really bad case of confirmation bias. You hear that it’s edgy and redpilled to ‘understand’ that women are all gold digging whores. So you’re hypervigilant and looking out for gold digging, whorish behavior in women… You’re like an alarm ready to be tripped any time you’re around a woman… And naturally the only time you ever even pay attention to a woman is when she does something whorish. “They’re all like that” because if they DON’T act like that, they don’t even show up on your radar.

Also, if you get deep enough into this stuff and become paranoid, it can really mess with your personal relationships. I flipped at one of my female friends for being manipulative when now I realize that I was just being hyper-vigilant. What set me off was just a joke, in my paranoid state I read it as a malicious joke but actually it was just a regular ‘haha’ joke. Now we’re no longer friends and I have to carry these memories of being a cringelord flipping out at her for the rest of my life.”


>They’ve been told that women and men are completely equal
no they haven’t. you pretend they have in order to have some weird justification for an identity that’s mostly just kind of pathetic. “


“Maybe not, but it’s very christ-like to treat people the way they treat others.

In this case, MGTOW sour-grapes fags are so unlikable and abrasive constantly about women that being abrasive to them back is fitting”

Comment: Reading these comments is just amazing. Guys abandoning friends and family, viewing all non members as “enemy”. Using all kinds of secret buzzwords like “Awalt”. This is truly fascinating case study of a cult.

“Getting laid is absolutely not the highest aspiration in life but can we acknowledge that all of these so-called redpilled MGTOW men are not alpha? MGTOW is filled with betamales who like to pretend their collective “knowledge” about women and marriage, what they call “being redpilled,” somehow makes them alpha men. Yes, an alpha male should focus on himself and not be too concerned with hooking up etc., but just because you sometimes mimic behaviors an alpha male would do, it doesn’t make you an alpha male. The MGTOW community should stop promoting the lie that all it takes to be alpha is to memorize the information peddled by their community, to focus on yourself, and stop chasing women. “That’s all there is to it.” No, there’s more to being an alpha than focusing on yourself and “doing art.” Certainly, a Hernan Cortés would laugh himself to death were he to encounter a chump from the MGTOW community.”

“I’ve been identified by friends as a MGTOW for about a decade. I’ve also been Identified by others as a feminist cuck. Go figure. I never saw myself as either, but I have found in my humble 46 years that anyone who is trying to tell you “how to be” something and “if you don’t do this then you’re that” aren’t all that much different from each other regardless of where their political ideologies lay. People seem to be terrified of anything different to themselves. I believe most people can move beyond that fear if they can ignore the emotionally charged insults and labels, and think rationally. Men and Women alike.”

“I have a feeling a lot of the MGTOW guys are not very secure about their MGTOWness. It’s odd how vocal they are online in comment sections. Videos about the subject are different, but I often see them making remarks on semi unrelated content. Dave Ramsey financial videos, for example”

Response to a MGTOW Critique

But reading the Red Pill and MGTOW forums, it was hard to find the “adult” Red Pillers in the room. Where are the men saying, “Don’t get mad at all women. Get mad at the one who screwed you over”? Where are the men saying, “Let it all out! And then get over it and move on”?

Yes, you can find these things if you dig into some of the MGTOW websites and video channels. But you can find a whole lot more about how terrible, selfish, and destructive women are, and how men’s problems today are due to the feminism and gynocentrism that have taken over modern society.


But that’s the next point.

To finish up with this one: If you’re going to do your group therapy for new Red Pillers in public, and the adults seem to have left the room and buried their more mature perspectives where most casual observers of the movement never find them, what do you expect your movement to look like to outsiders?


“Something Vox Day and friends don’t really seem to get is that superheros are inherently against many alt-right ideas. The general idea is that some guy has powers that put him far above others. He’s magical or he’s got super strength or super smarts or whatever. But he uses those powers to help normal people that to him are like disabled retards. They may even hate him. He does it for free, and sometimes does it while disguised.

I’m not saying Superman would be against stricter immigration. But he sure isn’t going to argue for the forced sterilization of people dumber than he is.

People who say the world is harsh and cruel often spend an inordinate amount of effort ensuring it remains so.

You can claim to not care about something, or you can claim it’s ruining the world, but you can’t claim both.

Or, in other words: When a guy tells you he doesn’t care about group X, and then a moment afterward tells you group X needs to be “dealt with,” you can tell he’s bullshitting you.

Gunlord’s Iron Law #3: Any ideology that tells you an out-group is responsible for all or even most of your ills renders you much more susceptible to exploitation from your in-group.

Gunlord’s Iron Law #4: Any time spent moaning about the inferiority of an outgroup is time better spent proving your own superiority.

Corollary: The sort of people who incessantly harp on the superiority of whatever group they happen to belong to very rarely exemplify it.


“lol ok man, go back to /pol/. You can pound on and on about blood and soil all you want, but that’s not going to change your life one iota, especially if you spend it raging at people online who don’t bow down to an idealized vision of their ancestors like you seem to.

I have to laugh at you getting so mad at “flippant millennials.” Do you volunteer for your local church? Do you go to community meetings? Organize your neighborhood events? Gone door-to-door? All that stuff is the greater part of preserving values, communities, etc., and a million times more meaningful than sitting around with a bunch of sad fucks online fantasizing about how angry my white ancestors must be at the world, and how proud they would be because I hate those barbaric niggers. You seem to think that acting high-and-mighty about “civilization” gives you the right to put on airs. But if your hands aren’t getting dirty, then you don’t have much right to talk.

That’s the difference between fetishizing your heritage versus learning from it. The latter is productive; the former is just masturbation.”


“I have never understood their concept of masculinity anyway.

“I’m very heterosexual, which means I want to bang women but I don’t like them. I hate them, they’re manipulative and evil, they run the world and they’re also weak, stupid and pathetic. Gay men are worse and I’ll project my fears about the worst excesses of my own violent toxic masculinity onto brown and black men. Trans people are freaks. Don’t you admire me and want to be like me? This is how to be a man; the only way”

Ahem, no.”


Otrame: “I guess in some ways, your atheist metaphor works.  Sort of.  But only to the extent that some preacher type calls atheists demons and we reply, “Lol, nope”.

Most of the MGTOW whining I’ve seen talks about how evil women, ALL women, are and how there is this big conspiracy to do evil things to poor helpless men while at the same time talking about how stupid and incompetent ALL women are and far less able that ALL men.

To those men who have decided that relationships with people of the gender they find attractive are more trouble than it is worth, I can understand, at least to a limited extend.  Do as you wish, have no problems.  After all, I know a LOT of women who have done the same.  It’s simply a loose collection of women who have chosen to walk away from relationships, and many of them have been hurt really, really bad, both by men and by the system.  They just haven’t given themselves a name, what with them being a loose collection and all.”

Pseudostumpfus: “The fundamental belief of the MGTOWs is that if they stand up and pretend to walk away from women, the women will beg them to come back and will go back to being submissive little sex-and-housework dispensers. What gives them away is that while they are walking away and ranting about the perfidy and worthlessness of women, they are constantly looking back over their shoulders to see if the women are rushing to beg them to return yet. (Breaking news: they aren’t.)

Basically what you are dealing with is a 5-year-old deciding to run away from home. “I’m really going this time, Mommy. Really. I mean it. See, I’m going. This time I really am. Why aren’t you running after me yet? Oh, could you make me a sammitch? And maybe a couple of brownies?”

Most people want to have a life partner, and most of them prefer a partner of the opposite sex. That being the case, it seems a bit unwise to try to turn it into a battle for power that is probably going to make both partners miserable. And yes, I am a mangina. Gynocentric? — I don’t know about that.


“Europe’s great men lived with a consciousness of the past, but, at the same time, they were much more oriented towards the future. Even though there was nothing there yet, they made it into a reality.

And I think that if you truly love the European greats, you ought to honor them by doing as they did; that is to say, loving the past without wallowing in it, and not being so deficient in self-respect as to believe that the same heights that they soared to cannot be accomplished by people like us, in our time and country. ”


“Jews are said to be “the tribe that runs the West”. But if you are going to go that far, why stop there? Why not say that they also run the East? At which point they might as well run the North and the South too, while they are at it, or the entire solar system and galaxy, as they’d certainly be said to do if those making the accusations had ever heard of astronomy and astrophysics. And if you get that far it’s only a short step further to say the Jews run the universe itself, which would be tantamount to regarding Jews as gods, as a race of divine beings! But the funniest thing of all in this absurd business, is that the central assumption in the conspiracy theorists’ “accusations” is that claiming someone is powerful is an insult. That’s how you realize the kind of resentful, vindictive scum you are dealing with, when you hear of such absurd bleatings. “


“Creating a community and an identity around what you DON’T like is absolutely asinine. Are people really this bland that they have no personality outside of what they hate? After MGTOW and child-free communities, are we going to see “I don’t like to tinker with cars”, “I don’t like AirSoft”, “I don’t want to learn guitar”, and “I don’t want to work as an engineer” as identities that people define their lifestyle by?

I don’t want to keep an aquarium
> Think that aquariums suck time, money, and energy, and anyone that chooses to get one is an absolutely brainwashed idiot
> Society glorifies fish keeping – people post pictures of their tanks on social media, everyone is amazed when a home has a nice setup with rare saltwater creatures, etc. and I feel cheated as a result
> Devote my life to creating entire forums, subreddits, and chatrooms and fill them up with discussion and memes all to circlejerk about what I DON’T think is fun and how I DON’T want to do it
> ………once or twice a week, I will drive to Orlando and pay $350 for an all-access pass to SeaWorld anyways

How people who aren’t fucking idiots talk:

“You have children, anon?”
“hah, no, I don’t have a family myself.”
“Oh, I see. I envy that in many ways. Must be nice having the time to do things.”
“Yeah, but having a family must be pretty rewarding too.”

How people who ARE fucking idiots talk:

“You have children, anon?”
“no, i’m MGTOW”
“It means I ideologically oppose being a breeder because women are liars and I don’t want to get KEKED”
“That’s…cool. I guess. Lifestyle choice and all that. I kinda like my family..”


Deflecting what? White people apparently have such high IQs yet can’t keep jamal from chimping out and apparently have left goblins in charge of the worlds media. Furthermore despite this large IQ gain white people still seem to fall for liberal-I mean jewish propaganda.

I sure wish you high IQ fucktards would get off your ass shitposting on japanese message boards and do something about the fucking indian shitskins they keep bringing in to take up IT jobs all over america.


“The simple fact that you have to be part of a group to not feel like a “virgin” or “beta” or “pussy” shows that you are one. You’ve let others define you and retreat into a hugbox. Very unmanly. “


“Once again, misogynists can’t even get their misogynistic stereotypes straight. Usually women are bad because they want a clean home and misandrically prevent men from being surrounded in their own filth. And I thought men were the ones who were stoic lone wolves who don’t want to be around women for any reason other than sex and women are terrible because we insist on talking all the time and wanting to know about men’s feelings. Why it’s almost like all their rationale for woman hating is made up BS and they’ll say anything about us in order to excuse their hatred!”

“Not even white-knighting, I’m just saying if they got some Polynesian islander girls they would have had a small village up and running long before the Chads did. ”


“Keymaster is a damn hypocrite on politics because he’s saying that stuff and yet I go to the Forums and I see people on the forums actively voicing their support for Trump and he does nothing about it.”

“That’s how you can tell this is a lot of BS. A man can already opt out of all of that already pretty much anywhere in the free world without making a big to-do about it. What is really going on is not ZFG but TMFG (“too many fucks given”), because these dudes, for all their talk about going their own way, sure do seem to concern themselves a lot with women and feminism.”

“I am a man who has gone his own way his whole life, and as it turns out, one who also has rights. That said, I find both pop-culture labels misleading, presumptuous and irrelevant to anyone’s life save those very few who like to cloak themselves with movement identities and strive to have their latest cliches quoted as some sort of transcendent wisdom.

My dealing with men’s-rights people, who for some odd reason seem to be predominantly women, have revealed the same hair-triggered sensibilities, self-importance and intolerance of demurs as the most obnoxious of feminists, while I have been hardly able to make out what exactly MGTOW is supposed to mean at all, other than whatever is being said about it by whomever is saying it the loudest in a given moment of cyber-time.

Meanwhile, I own my own home, am my own boss, have no girlfriend or wife nor any particular motive to be looking for either in the future. I am not opposed to the idea of dating or having a steady gal, but suffice it to say I have learned a bit about boundaries and standard-setting, don’t expect to have mine met any time soon, and so be it.

I have no particular hostility or grievance about women; indeed most of my clients are women, whose homes I invade with man stuff to make shameless dust and noise and spend their money while giving them what they want in their homes. Consistently I am found trustworthy, reliable and professional, by ladies who generally either leave me keys or just never lock their homes anyway (as good a reason to live in a small rural farm town as any). Most of them but not all are married, and of those few who aren’t there just isn’t any real motivation on either part to pursue anything but a business and friendly association, which go consistently well, and pleasantly.

I do despise feminism, as do most women I know; they have their reasons and I have mine. For my part I write and research and network quite a lot on various topics to do with comprehending and being forewarned about the irritants and dangers feminist women pose to men, especially young men. But this in no way has me thinking I have some score to settle with women generally, nor does it compromise in any way my dealings with any of the dozens of women I am in proximity with on a regular basis.

I’m not sure why anyone thinks they need to go hanging labels and adopting a movement posture about the things they believe or oppose; but one thing I do know is that I make it as clear as possible to all parties that I think and speak for and as myself, and have no association with any kind of movement real or imaginary.

I’m also not at all clear on why men who only want to go their own way, don’t just do that, and instead have to create these misleading, ambiguous and incoherent sloganeering campaigns just to trumpet their belief that they have a right to do so.

As if somebody or something were trying to stop them, or what?”


>MGTOW is the cringiest thing that has ever existed

It used to be nothing more than an unconscious social trend which came about as a result of identity politics, especially feminist politics. Men simply did a cost-benefits and discovered what things to go after and what things to avoid. This was never meant to become anything, since it was a natural reaction…..

But then some assholes noticed the trend, seized it for their own, and capitalized on it so that they could make their own entry into the land of identity politics as “empowered” men. The single worst case of passive-aggressive bullshit the world has ever known.

Fucking ruined everything for guys just trying to get along in the world.

>Guy 1: “Hey, you married?”

>Guy 2: “Nah, man. Stakes are just too high for something like that. I mean, I go out and do my thing with women a lot, but marriage just isn’t in the cards for me.”

>Guy 1: “I knew it, you are a MGTOW!”

>Guy 2: “Dude, no. I am just trying t-…”

>Guy 1: “MIG TOW! YEAH!”

Cringeworthy as fuck. ”


“Elliot Rodger is great because he was an open window to /pol/’s mind: They’re jealous of normal people so they want to take away their freedom out of pure butthurt.
They just can’t accept that men want to be friends with everyone except them, that women want to have sex with everyone except them. “Traditional values”, “morality”, “racial purity” my ass.”


They whine a lot. They’re like the less intellectual male counterpart of those radical feminists who pretend to be gay or asexual to show how much they don’t need men. A lot of their positions are just as dumb. I’d honestly rather be around somebody who insists on “fairy pronouns” and yells at people over feminist political points than be around some whiny weirdos whose ideology pretty much only exists as a way of rationalizing the fact that they can’t get laid or form a lasting relationship without admitting that they are the problem.


“Sure, but I think you get one sided friendships with both genders, I’ve certainly had them with men and generally because we’re gay those ones have been more harmful.

I definitely see what he’s talking about with a couple of my friends, particularly when they’re single I often feel like I’m a fill in for a boyfriend except I get nothing physical in return. The thing is, as a gay man, unlike a straight man, I’m only there for the friendship, not anything physical. Its nice having female friends because the dynamic is SO much different to my friendships with other gays or straight guys. I understand that they’re female though so on a night out I’m a much bigger physical presence and they’re going to be slightly less independent so I might have to look after them, but I get everything I need from those friendships, unlike a straight man might, so I don’t see it in the same way. And personally I’ve never had a friendship with a woman that I couldn’t just say “no” to. A woman has nowhere near the power over a gay man than she might over a straight man. ”


But that’s not how they present themselves. People who identify as MGTOW are associated with the stated views of their organisation. Those who don’t want to be so associated should consider growing a cock and balls and becoming their own person rather than a member of a weepy self-masturbatory club of imbeciles, no?


I think guys who self-identify as MGTOW are fucking autists who don’t realize that in defining themselves by their avoidance of women that are again basing their own worth on women. It’s called “Men Going Their Own Way” and then all it is is a series of female teardowns. Nothing about actually being independent of women, nothing that shows the worth of a man in any context except in relation to their biased portrayals of women.

I avoid most women too, but it’s not a movement or a statement. I don’t put a name on it. It doesn’t have rules or codes. I don’t recruit and I don’t preach unless solicited for my opinions. It does stem from a long string of unsatisfying experiences with women, but I see it as something that causes me disappointment more than anger. The realization that I couldn’t truly be happy based on anything but my own satisfaction with my life. For me it really is about defining my own worth. Creating a great life for myself that I can be happy about before worrying about if someone can or should share it with me. So I deal with women (when I have to) in a strictly business or platonic manner. Aside from 1 slip up at the bar with this really cute goth girl I’ve been celibate for 3 years. In that time I got my shit together and now in my early 20s I’ve got a house, 2 cars, and a steady job. My life is pretty great no women necessary, but a lack of anger on my part allows me to see a future with me taking a mate if I ever want one.


Eh, I disagree about how harmless it is. It’s totally fine to have delusions, even stupid ones, but this kind of thinking is how you end up with your Kimveer Gills, Marc Lepines, and Elliot Rodgers. Feminists can be fucking retarded, and I’m sure someone is going to bring up Valerie Solanas, but the amount of feminists who act violently against men in general and the amount of women that are apologetic or supportive of their actions is nothing compared to the MRA types. ”


Opinion? MGTOW would be less irritating if they’d just go their own fucking way already instead of showing up to shitpost every five minutes. Just leave the rest of us the fuck alone like you claim you’re doing, right?


“Good lord. Think about the sheer volume of semen being spilled in that village every day. Think about all the masturbating.

“Let’s make a town with no women and no macho men!”

So a village of autistic twinks then? How long before everyone realizes that instead of sitting in their house surrounded by “stacies” and “chads” they are now sitting in their house surrounded by other dinks sitting in their house, all of you doing nothing, contributing nothing. And how long before everyone just becomes everyone else’s JO bro?

Seriously, OP, who fantasizes about this? Why not fantasize about being a rock star or an astronaut if you’re going to day dream. But no, your fantasies, your imagination, go to “imagine if I lived in a men-only commune with other computer nerds!” Jesus. “


This is why people make fun of MGTOW. You guys think the alternative to your shitty movement is “being a slave” to women or pussy, when the only reason you “go your own way” is that you can’t hack it with chicks.

My favorite MGTOWs are the ones who say you can still bang chicks and get married and shit and be MGTOW, because they’re just bargaining. That kind of bargaining defeats the purpose of MGTOW and demonstrates a lack of consistency within the ideology.

If you wanna drop out of society or interaction with women that’s fine, but don’t expect people to treat your movement with credence when you treat other lifestyles with such a shitty perspective.


I worry when I read posts like this because people are so invested in the idea that women are going to be having mass mental breakdowns in the future and you wonder what will happen to the posters when this never comes about.

The weakest way you can criticise something is to say “in the long run, it will lead to societal collapse” or some similar shit because it implicitly leaves open the idea that other than collapse, there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s also a really weak way to defend something (i.e. monogamy is good because anything else leads to collapse) because it sounds like the sort of thing an abuser would say.

Anyway my advice for people reading the post and agreeing is to “free yourself” of women/relationships/whatever (don’t go full MGTOW or anything daft) because if you spend your days waiting for others to realise you were right all along then you will die wrong and unhappy.


yeah the subreddit of it [MGTOW] was a real trash heap. crudely mspaint images that look like the doodles done by a kindengardener basically just screaming about how women are cunts.
forums i looked at weren’t any different. posts not about women were about ‘how men do so much stuff, by a “man” who doesn’t really do anything besides shit post about how bad women are’
mgtow is simply about incels trying to feel better about being failures with females


That’s probably it. They’re the only boards that have managed to fuck up other boards. Every other board just keeps to itself. Even /b/ keeps to itself and is pretty much just “you laugh you lose” threads and porn. /pol/ shitters go into every other board they can and make EVERYTHING about alt-right politics and shitposting. /r9k/ does the exact same thing, but with “ree normies get out”.

Neither of the two boards even have real discussion at this point, and just recycle the same threads over and over again. /pol/ is always going on about political conspiracies and circle-jerking about Trump and the sort of nationalistic hypermachismo you only ever get from people who spend too much time inside, and /r9k/ just whines and gets antagonistic about normies and women. /r9k/ was better when it was “/b/, but with a filter and a focus on slower discussion”. /pol/ was better when it was about general news and political discussion.

All in all, even though this is still my main board, I hope Hiroshimoot deletes us both. We’ve both managed to somehow make the entire website even worse and contribute nothing of our own.


Who even cares if Jews control most shit. Maybe they do a good job. Ever think of that? I mean, my life is pretty good and I’m not even Jewish. I gotta microwave and a tv and a computer and a smart phone. Life’s pretty good.

Thank the goyim


>OMG, I have to share “my” game with an audience now?

It’s called pandering. To black people who make up a sizable portion of the console gaming scene, and to female gamers on both sides. They, and white folks who don’t give a shit are a much vaster market potential than any /stormfront/ autist who gets offended.


“I’ve never seen any women hate on mgtow, but I see a thread every day asking why women hate it. why do you guys desperatly need to believe women hate it that you are not giving them attention?
In reality you are a pack of losers that want to feel like you are rejecting women, even though it’s the other way around”


“No one cares about MGTOW itself, it’s just how insane most of you sound. Case in point:

>Are they that desperate to have someone to blame rape on?

>Dont feminists want all of the ‘betas’ too disappear so they can have chad all to themselves?

I know this is /r9k/ so we can say controversial things with no stigma (and that’s cool), but you’re probably not even aware what’s wrong with your mindset. That’s what women (and other men) dislike. ”


“I’ve never actually heard a woman say that she cares about MGTOW, just MGTOWs complaining that women care about it.”


“Not him, but the problem, as OP represents so well is MGTOW are centered and obsessed around women. If I don’t want to hear about women I hang out with my fag friends. If I want an endless rant about women, I go to an MGTOW meeting.

They’re male tumblerinas. The original idea is neat, the result is shit. Just like Army Men videogames. ”


“Well at least he’s not mouthing libertarian-lite economics while advocating a sexual cartel.

While we’re on the topic, this is one of the points of failure that led to the manosphere being subsumed into the alt-right; it was vaguely free-market/libertarian like how activist feminists are vaguely left-wing economically, but it frequently argued for male economic dominance so women would be effectively forced to marry to survive, which is unambiguously a cartel in effect (Daniel Amneus, a “founding father” of the movement, is a prominent example). This is an obvious contradiction, of course, so the only resolution is either scaling back and just going after AA and the like, or giving up any libertarian pretensions. ”

Many good quotes from here:


“I’d say Roosh and Roissy/Heartiste/James C. Weidmann are pretty good not-angry-dad examples of the subsuming of the manosphere. The former went from writing pick-up guides to trying to be a fourth-rate Evola knockoff, and the latter went from being one of the founding bloggers to a series of white nationalist screeds with some negging advice attached.

While I’m spouting my autism, basically everybody forgot about Fedrz and Angry Harry even though they basically invented or spread half of its memeplex. Hell, Daniel Amneus, who is pretty much responsible for everything you hear about hypergamy, seems to have been displaced by F. Roger Devlin, probably because the latter is part of the white nationalism that subsumed the manosphere. ”


“What I gleamed from the “pure” manosphere is that it’s vaguely Republican/small-l libertarian leaning, like how activist feminists (as opposed to “votes and shit”) are vaguely Democrat. Naturally they tended to distance themselves from neo-nazi’s and the like because everyone did. Demographics did include plenty of disgruntled middle-aged men that may or may not be dads, but there were quite a few “too cool for feminism” PUA/MGTOW types (i.e Captain Capitalism). I mostly kept track of The Spearhead when it was a thing and the editor stated after his huge hiatus he was shifting focus to other issues before letting the domain die.

Naturally the more moderate libertarian kinds who just didn’t like affirmative action and alimony fell off as it got subsumed into the alt-right. This is part of the death of conservative fusionism, as the grab-bag of positions associated with stereotypical right-wingers turn out to be contradictory (WN’s flock to odinism because Jew on a stick, both full-blown NAP and “rugged individualist” libertarianism clash with strong patriarchy, capitalism means brown people could take your jobs). “


“3. The shilling. The constant shilling. Ever since the brony invasion of /co/ and the stormfront invasions of /new/ and /pol/, 4chan has become filled with dozens of shills constantly trying to push their agendas. In /r9k/’s case, it’s the literally constant MRA/MGTOW shilling. We get it, you hate women, you think they’re shitty, you want to go sit around and play vidya. That’s cool. So shut the fuck up and let people decide for themselves what they will do. The constantly prosletyzing only leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths. Why does being a nonparticipant in something need to be a whole movement?”


“Satanism is like mgtow. Pseudo-individualism for pussies who want to feel like they’re going against the grain but don’t want to do the work of knowing what the grain is, if there are other grains, and why one should follow or oppose certain grains.”


“Also, I noticed some redpill terminology there. There are truths in the whole redpill movement, but you don’t want to dive in as there’s a lot of poison that will ruin your chances of being happy. MGTOW are right that men do need time to persue their own ambitions and interests but sitting around bitching about women on the internet is neither an ambition nor an interest. PUA’s know how to improve how you present yourself but they literally seek out the worst, most useless vapid cunts on the planet to impress. Dip your toe in the manosphere, swim around a bit, but get out before it makes your fingers pruny.”


MGTOW are the extremist splinter group of men who are tired of all female bullshit. It started off good but then all the lonely virgin men who have never had sex started joining, then came the weeaboos.

I work and don’t put up with bullshit from women when I don’t absolutely have to (well paying business clients excluded). I don’t need some fat neckbeards to “have my back” or emotional support or whatever the fuck MGTOW is supposed to be.

It’s a cirklejerk club from what I can see. I don’t need that, I already play 40k tabletop which is pretty much the same thing anyway.


This is obviously a bait thread but anyway

MGTOW are on par in terms on patheticness with the lonely virgins who orbit any female who gives them attention

I think they tend to be the same people but just at different stages in life.

The average MGTOWer is a narcissist who has too much self worth. They’re misogynistic and feel like disregarding women is going to hurt them. It’s all talk, they go online and talk about how they’re going to become badass PUA, bitch fuckers who don’t get attached to women or do anything for them. These people have no concept of “going their own way”, they’ve just latched on to some new silly group to follow and they don’t usually last long.

>us undesirable guys are leaving now
>were going to do what we want and get attractive and awesome and not give you anything!
>did you hear that girls? We’re leaving!
>You’re going to miss us!
>I know it hurts girls but we’re leaving now!
>hello? Did you hear me?
>fucking whores

As always, joining a movement/group of people who call themselves “free thinkers” never ends well. If you really re going to disregard women, do what you want and become a free thinker you don’t need to join a group to label yourself as one


For the purposes of argument, let’s assume OP’s image is true, and that he (and the other legions of misogynists who post stuff like this unceasingly) are right. Women are just worthless cunts good for nothing but sex and they’ll never love you.

Okay. So what? What’re you gonna do about it?

“Go Your Own Way?” That’s fine, fucking go. I assume you live in the US: If you’re a fag, absolutely no one is going to stop you from moving to a gay neighborhood and enjoying yourself without ever having to even look at a woman again. “Cursed” with heterosexuality? Oh well, you can always just masturbate, or get escorts, and keep your interactions with women to the absolute minimum with almost no trouble.

What makes MGTOWs stupid isn’t that you hate women, but that you’re so fucking obsessed with them. OK, evolutionary biology proves that women are useless parasites. Just separate yourself from them instead of whining about them on /r9k/. People deal with other kinds of parasites all the time, but a man who hates mosquitoes will just get some insect repellant and bugspray instead of lecturing the entire world about how evil they are. Similarly, if you don’t like women, don’t try attracting them and live a happy life pursuing your non-female-related interests instead of moaning about how they’ll never really love you.


This confused me too

I always thought MGTOW was all about returning your lifes focus to yourself to make yourself better

But now its got the MRA le redpill association, I assumed it was just a meme or some shitposter but its what most of those pathetic cucks are practicing

They think they can make women like them by completely ignoring them which is fucking stupid

I’ll just stick to stoicism, I’ve long since given up outward emotional expression


why do MGTOW people preach and try to convert others?
the more there are betas working and paying taxes, the easier it is to be free mgtow leech on society
in theory if everyone became mgtow what do you think will happen? paradise? no, quite simply we are back to the tribal ages, every man for himself, while the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must.

and women? you think in mgtow society you would have women?
women would be property, so ask yourself, are you rich?


“One of the surest indicators of an AFC-beta mindset is the automatic presumption that anything remotely critical a man would say about women, or the feminine, is by default, equated with misogyny.”

I think lumping all 3.5 billion women on the planet into one group and then criticizing that group–as if all of them were exactly the same–is entirely irrational. It’s not the criticism of specific women that bothers me, it’s the criticism of “woman” that does. It’s just as lame as those Cosmo articles that tell women that “men like the chase” or “men lie about X” or “men are afraid of Y,” or whatever. Some men, sure. But blanket statements never hold up in the face of scrutiny. They are simply not based in reality.

Furthermore, most “men’s rights” guys have absolutely no concept of what feminism actually is or what real feminists believe. For example, the idea that “feminists” are against the male birth control pill is laughable. Laughable. Any bit of basic googling will show that that idea is entirely false. Which leads me to believe that these guys take perverse delight in the act of bitching itself, because the things they bitch about aren’t even real.

Look up the game “Ain’t it Awful” in the book “Games People Play.” Taking delight in bitching about unreal or distorted beliefs is a perverse pastime, and many of the guys who do so should be seeing a shrink.

And therefore we come to misogyny. If you assign an unreal or highly exaggerated attribute to an entire group of people and then bitch nonstop about those people, there is something about you that irrationally hates those people. Whether you’re doing it against blacks, Jews, politicians, women, whatever. To lump an entire class of people into one group and then declare them the enemy in your culture war is the height of sociopathy.”



Much as I hate some puas, some of those guys actually have decent advices about dealing with women, if you want to get pussy first you must get your life in order.


No normal man can love landwhales with 200kg or more of fat, and to my limitless surprise girls dont actually love fat fucks either, its a simply fact of life that people like beautiful things, they will like fit people over fat fucks.

And lifting can destroy that double chin and make your face more human.


MGTOW is only valid for people who got burned with women, divorced dads who cant see their own children, man who were falsely accused of rape, those people actually have a reason to stay away from women.

Your average virgin going his own way means nothing, nothing of value was lost, no one cares, a virgin girl on the other hand going her own way would be a loss to the world, no man will ever feel the pleasure of making her choke on his dick.


This goes both ways, I know guys who drink and go home to beat the ever living fuck out of wife and kids, guys who will cheat, women have their own reasons for hating us, being born with a dick does not make you into some pure creature who can do no wrong.


Again people like beautiful things, a man who knows how to dress and to take care of himself is leagues above your average virgin.


True in a way, if all you want is fuck young pussy it can be done if you have money to burn, no girl is going to open her legs for some old dude out of the kindness in her heart.

The only pill you can take that will change anything is the “love yourself” pill, either you will learn to love yourself enough to keep trying to be a better man and get the pussy, or you will come to r9k and make some dumb infograph about how the world should give you everthing for free, since you are that much of a special snowflake.


“please don’t fucking sully the likeness of a philosopher and thinker like MARCUS FUCKING AURELIUS with autistic fedoralord shit like “MGTOW, neomasculinity, and ””’the sexodus”””

for real, MGTOW is just r9k 2.0 and all you do is bitch about women, “neomasculinity” is so autistic i’m not even going to explain it, and the yes while the “sexodus” is real, there isn’t any point in bitching about a change in the newest generations sexual habits on a fucking mongolian foreskin decoration forum, you whining and calling everything “degenerate” is really just a surefire way to tell that you’re some loser faggot beta

if all this retarded bullshit made you some enlightened alpha male then if anything you would like the “sexodus” because you can just fuck as many brainless women as you want, but really as per usual all of these “ideologies” are just you being bitter

fuck you faggots”


“Back when I was a virgin I looked into MGTOW for awhile.

I was very frustrated with women and felt that it was unfair that I never had a girlfriend or got laid. So in MGTOW, I found a way to excuse my feeling of failure and turn it into righteous indignation towards women. Visualizing myself as a MGTOW allowed me to justify how I was, submerging my feelings of loneliness and inadequacy.

Eventually I took control of my life and realized the problem was not some omnipresent female enemy. The reason there where no gf/sex in my life was not because women are parasites and the world is unfair to guys like me. Rather, I was afraid to put myself out there and come find the rewards that I knew where waiting for me.

At the end of the day, it was my own cowardice of women that built my self imposed prison and caused me to embrace MGTOW beliefs.

So what I’m saying is, I believe MGTOW and all these associated principles are defense mechanisms, only providing refuge for the desperate, fearful and self-pitying.

Now I’ve had gf’s, fwb’s and some close female friends. Looking back MGTOW is fedora tier and makes me cringe just thinking about it.”


I kek hard whenever I see MGTOW, and red pill/neomasculinity guys try to pass themselves off as the rational thinkers in discussion. Their decisions are nowhere near rational, and they aren’t even part of any sexodus. They go on their blogs and bitch and whine about women, and that when we finally create the sexbots there will be no use for women, and those bitches will rue the day for ever turning down such intelligent gentlemen such as themselves.

Didn’t MGTOW people want to take over Peru and start their own all-male government?


“>MGTOW doesn’t seek to change the world.

I literally stopped going to MGTOW sites because too many of them were trying to change the world by introducing ideas like the “levels of MGTOW”, and months later find out they’re all fighting over definitions of MGTOW and how they approach it and there’s even doxing going on. A lot of them are failed PUAs who still try to use alpha tactics in dealing with other men and this aggressiveness just gets funneled into trying to get other men to do what they want.

Protip: If you’re actively trying to collapse society to try to teach it some lesson by withdrawing from it, rather than just doing it because it doesn’t do anything or serve your own purposes, you are not a MGTOW but a separatist MRA, and when you try to get other men to do it and apply pressure to them, you’re not only an MRA but a hypocrite”

From a Dreamwidth fella named Fierynotes, not sure if he’s still around:

“I’ve been dipping too much into the deep end of the so-called Manosphere again. Perhaps it’s because I’m in a much happier place lately (a new job I like a lot more than my last one will do that), but it doesn’t anger me as much as it once did. But whatever, I’m feeling magnanimous enough to give them advice. Not that they’ll ever take it, but here goes…

Guys? There’s this thing called No True Scotsman. It’s a fallacy, but you should use it anyway. Whenever one of the people on your side says something horrible (which is often), say “we’re not all like that.” As evidenced by the number of people who use it in reference to Christian lunatics, bullies, and other assholes, despite being a fallacy, it often does work.

If you’re going to claim that rationality is a uniquely male trait, try not to look like a raving lunatic. Not that it will help, since even if you’re rational, most of your cohorts are raving lunatics. See my previous paragraph. Whenever one of them says horrible and irrational things like “the idea of fucking your shit up gives me an erection” with respect to feminists (which is often), just say “we’re not all like that.”

If you’re going to claim that self-awareness is a uniquely male trait, show some of it. Speaking as a man who is more self-aware than most, my self-awareness is reflected in my words and deeds. I am aware that my actions have effects on my fellow human beings, and I try to judge my actions accordingly… sometimes, to the point that I have to break myself out of a a certain kind of over-cautious paralysis. If you behave like a typical thoughtless clod, you either lack this self-awareness you claim women lack, or you have it and you just do whatever the hell you feel like anyway because you’re self-aware and that’s how nature made you… which makes you a rationalizing animal, not a rational one.

If you’re going to claim that women have been conditioned to demand weddings that cost tens of thousands of dollars… well, true, women don’t need an expensive wedding. People don’t “need” expensive cellphones either. (My cellphone was less than a hundred, with no contract. Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Note II are both over six, unless you’re in the US and you’re okay with a cellphone company owning your soul for two years.) People don’t “need” expensive cars. People don’t “need” high-end computers. (I’m typing this screed up on a three-hundred-dollar netbook. The MacBook Pro starts at four times that. There are people who actually need high-powered computers, but if your primary use of your computer is typing up anti-woman rants on the internet, you’re probably not one of them.) Your complaint here isn’t with women. It’s with the force of (un)nature known as Marketing, and it affects all of us. Any “rational” person would see that, rather than cherry-picking one example and blaming women for it.

If you’re going to claim that men invented civilization and that women are just not capable of doing anything important but they can sure hate men while using all the tools men gave them, make sure you’re not composing your sexist rants while using wifi (which Hedy Lamar helped develop, since she invented frequency hopping), nor software (which Grace Hopper helped develop, since she invented the compiler), nor hardware (Lady Ada Lovelace). I feel safe in suggesting that the printing press is probably free of feminine influence¹. Try using that. Otherwise, you’ll be condemning the people who gave you the gifts you take for granted… sorta like you accuse women of doing.

If you’re going to claim that teh ebil feminists are painting all men with an overly broad brush, be very careful when discussing hypergamy. If you’re claiming men are all misjudged one moment and spouting off shit that sounds like “all women are gold-digging cunts because science” the next, you’re gonna look like a ginormous hypocrite. Actually, you should be very careful when discussing women generally, period.

If you’re going to claim that women are all lying bitches when it comes to rape and that rape is a really rare thing, you should try to silence the evo-psych preachers in your own ranks who speak about “rape as a historically viable reproductive strategy,” and the MRAs who try to excuse rape by suggesting that men can’t help themselves because they’re “drunk on feminine beauty.” Failing that, just say “we’re not all like that.” No, that really won’t help, now that I think about it. Best to just drop the “lying bitches” line altogether.

If you’re going to claim that rape is really no big deal and that women are just making a mountain out of a molehill, you shouldn’t make a big deal out of it when rape happens to men, too (TW). Doing this makes it look like you’re okay with rape as long as it only happens to women, which is a morally reprehensible position.

If you actually care about stopping rape from happening to men, start your own discussions for it. It’s a serious subject, one that intersects with masculine expectations as well as humane treatment of prisoners, and it deserves its own space. If you do all this, you’ll find many feminists that agree with you — the whole idea that rape is acceptable when committed against certain people is one of those things feminism is against. As it is, if you barge into a discussion of rape as it happens to women and demanding that the subject change to men, that cheapens both subjects. It makes it clear that you think stopping rape from happening to men is more important than stopping it from happening to women, and it takes the serious subject of rape against men and reduces it to a tool for silencing discussion.

If you’re going to claim that women have it easy, and that (for instance) all the bad shit in wars is happening to men and not women, try to do it in a crowd that’s not smart enough to google for war crimes while adding terms like “vitriolage,” “rape camp,” or “fistula” (TW). Also, try to make sure they’re not smart enough to understand that tactics like siege, terrorism, and insect warfare aren’t exactly gender-discriminate. This means never make this claim in front of any feminist, or even any budding feminist over the age of twelve. Save that for the Voice for Men and MGTOW fora, where they’ll actually believe that shit.

And finally, if you’re going to claim that “equality” means that you can now hit women for being annoying, because women don’t need special protection anymore, consider how many times you’ve hit other men. Chances are, this is a very low number. Now, consider all the people who want to hit you for being annoying, but refrain from doing so because we’re civilized. Women aren’t asking for a special privilege, here. They’re asking for the same freedom from being hit that you already have.”

“So, if you haven’t heard — and holy crap, will some of you be hearing more about this! — a promising football player was falsely accused of rape, spent five years locked away, spent five more years with an electronic bracelet being told “I’m sorry, the position’s already been filled” after job interviews (if his job applications even got that far — most of them probably did not) and was recently exonerated. During this time, the alleged rape victim’s family sued the school where it happened, on the grounds that there would have been no rape if the school had taken steps to ensure the safety of its students, and won a seven-figure settlement.

You can’t see it, but I’m groaning already, because I know what’s going to happen next.

In certain circles, a bunch of people (mostly angry bitter men) will start howling for this woman’s blood. They will take a moment to pretend to have some compassion for the football player, and then move on to their real targets: the accuser and her mom. They’re going to wax lyrical about how all successful societies put harsh restrictions on female sexuality and how we’re failing as a society because women are free to fuck whoever they want. Then they’re going to claim that this case is a perfect example of bitches being unable to take responsibility for their own actions and would rather ruin an innocent man’s life than admit to consensual sex and risk facing consequences for it. (Note that it takes no small feat of mental gymnastics to be capable of making both of these claims at once. Don’t try it yourself unless you’re already an accomplished bullshit gymnast — you’ll sprain something.)

After having spent years complaining that women are out to take the occasional rape as evidence that all men are rapists, and how unfair it is to judge all men based on the actions of a few… they’ll claim that this one case is a reflection on all women. (Again, don’t try this feat of mental gymnastics on your own.) They’ll claim that nearly all rape accusations are fabrications. They’ll point at the $1.5 million settlement and claim that all women are money-grubbing whores because hypergamy hypergamy hypergamy¹, and no doubt they’ll shriek with alarm that women have figured out how to make tons of money ruining a man’s life without even having to marry him!

Turning away from those assholes for a moment… a human being was falsely accused of a felony. His life was overturned by it, and several years of his life were stolen from him. I am not arguing that he wasn’t the victim of a serious injustice — he very clearly was. We, as a society, owe him for that, and there are conversations worth having about that. But these conversations would be just as important if the human being in question were imprisoned over false murder accusations, or a bank robbery he didn’t commit. And certain denizens of certain slime pits aren’t interested in having those conversations, except when it’s rape.

Grr. Don’t mind me. I’m partly pissed because one of my favorite online haunts has been remarkably free of slime-pitters until very recently.


  • Hypergamy refers to a women marrying above her own station. When real scientists use the term, it’s often in reference to cultures or groups in which marriage is arranged, and can be fairly applied to, say, women marrying into greater privilege under India’s caste system, or a marquess marrying a duke (which usually has political implications far beyond the coupling).When the term comes up in slime pits, it’s shorthand for “women are wired by evolution to look for good providers for their future children, ergo it’s a scientific fact that all women are money-grubbing gold-digging cunts.”


“it started as a neat spin-off of an xkcd comic – basically a board where an algorithm (the robot) would prohibit reposts forever. you could never post anything that anyone had posted ever before, which was thought to encourage original content and great discussions. each time you reposted you would get a longer and longer post timer as well.

it was fun for a while. then it quickly devolved into shitposting and appending random strings to fool the robot. then moot in a rare moment of clarity deleted the board because he deemed it toxic. the outcry was huge. several months later moot grew soft and rebooted the board (hence the current name robot9001), claiming the deletion was an error, as he should not have judged the board culture by his own standards. somewhere along the line the robot was turned off as well.

these days it’s exactly what moot made it: a containment board for shitposters with a tendency for mental illness. just like /pol/, /mlp/ and /soc/, which each have their own appeal, /r9k/ attracts people who want to wallow in self-pitty. i don’t want to sound too harshly, since i don’t look down on them for who they *are* (autists, “losers”, recluses, virgins, neets, etc). but i look down on them for what they *do*. because goddamn /r9k/ is a festering cesspool of delusion, misogyny and depression. i get why they band together, i just know it’s not helpful for them. it just creates a vicious spiral drawing all of them down.

i only was a regular for a couple of weeks on the original r9k and then stopped because it went downhill so quickly. so i always had strong opinions against r9k without confirmation. well, given the recent shooting that apparently traces back to r9k i went there for the first time in years. it really is as bad as i feared it was. it almost seems hilarious to an outsider, but really sad when you consider they are being serious. “

If everyone who shares your beliefs is an idiot, you would do very well to think over those beliefs very carefully.

Be quicker to speak ill of yourself than others. In the former case, you will sharpen your skills of self-introspection and identify weaknesses you can overcome to increase your strength. In the latter case, most of the time all you’ll gain are enemies.

By the same token, be quicker to speak well of others than yourself. In the former case, you’ll both earn friends and encourage them to better themselves. In the latter case, you’ll just look arrogant and, even worse, blind yourself to your flaws.

There’s a difference between keeping silent to keep someone else from doing violence to you because of your argument, and keeping silent to avoid doing violence to your own argument.


“I call it like i see it – I’ve never met anyone seriously advocating MGTOW who wasn’t looking for a way to escape a traumatic history with women.

Furthermore, I’ve never seen embracing this mindset alter anyone’s behavior in any meaningful way – they may claim to not care about women and sex, but the reality is that they talk about it all the time, nonstop, just with a different set of jargon.

I feel safe in suspecting that who feels the need to photoshop red pills into charts and come up with a systematic terminology for their perceived oppression is not the kind of person who has transcended his social and sexual limits and moved on with his life.”


“I love the way these guys always manage to “No True Mammoth” away women’s contributions to civilization. If a woman did it, it just doesn’t count.

I also love their over-the-top St. Crispin’s Day rhetoric. They’re living in one of the safest, comfiest, most leisurely eras to be alive, and yet they have this unshakeable belief that their everyday lives are a brutal Hobbesian battle against an infinite swarm of enemies. To hear them talk, they’re always on the verge of attacking Omaha Beach. “Must…go…forcibly extract…lunch…from the commercially made box of pizza snacks sitting in the freezer…But first I need to cagefight Mother Nature for a bottle of Mountain Dew. I need cover! Do you copy me? Over!”

When you combine a siege mentality with the abundance mentality that Redpill preaches, you get a bunch of entitled tyrant-kings angry that “their” resources are being taken by the enemy. Maybe that partly explains their obsession with cucking and the dwindling number of acceptable Western women.”


Meanwhile, over at the (ironically?) misnamed Rational Male, the Rollo Tomassi character bemoans the fact that

Women cannot bear to see a Man experiencing negative emotions such as extreme anger, rage, fear, despair, despondency or depression for extended periods of time.

You see, somehow it is a woman’s job, while popping out new Men (yes, capital), to put up with and absorb Man’s extreme anger, rage, fear, despair, despondency or depression for extended periods of time. It is not Man’s responsibility to get a grip on and control his destructive (chronically so) emotions, and supposedly any attempts of women to help him overcome them are construed as one of women’s endless shortcomings (i.e., they cannot bear).

And so an unwillingness to “bear” being subjected to Man’s chronic, destructive emotions and their predictable behavioral manifestations is apparently one of those vices of modern women. Sadly, things have changed now and it is unlike those good ol’ times when Man could unload his extreme anger, rage, fear, despair, despondency or depression on women in any way it pleased him and be excused for it by society and its legal system.

And that’s just from the main post. The commenters provide ample evidence of those Manly emotions and sentiments that women should bear. Here is just a small sample:

Sun Wukong

January 4th, 2016 at 10:48 pm

(…) I’m more and more convinced that an attractive woman without a strong man to lead her just becomes a hole given enough time. Sexually, philosophically, and psychologically.


January 5th, 2016 at 12:57 am
(…) I just don’t give a fuck anymore.
They made their bed (as if, most of these whoreholes are to fucking lazy now to even do that), they get to lie in it.
They know the truth, the whoreholes just decide to ignore it.
Fuck-em, sodomize-em, cum on their tits, just don’t give the fucking sluts any love, they are not fucking worthy.

Divided Line

January 5th, 2016 at 3:25 am
Could women possibly be more depressing? Everybody says the rage phase ends but mine certainly hasn’t.

That’s just a random sample from the latest page. Some of the things women should bear, preferably with a smile and cheerful attitude. But nooo.

Yep, as we can see, Man builds civilization, and women ruin it by, among all things, not absorbing his — righteous, obvs — chronic rage and hatred as they should.

P.S. That post is titled (I kid you not) Empathy 2016. And the, um, empathetic comments quoted were inspired, partially at least, by some young woman who apparently dared to oppose something said either in the OP or in the comments, not that it matters. Women ruin everything, but especially all that’s good and noble in Man. As evidenced.


“As we know, women are essentially large children

Then why are women allowed to use hot stoves and be primary childcare givers? Why aren’t MRAs completely taking over these dangerous, demanding duties if women can’t be entrusted with basic adult decision-making?

Of course, their reasoning (if you can call it that) is that childcare and housekeeping tasks are too simple for lofty philospher-kings to bother with, but keeping a household and family going from day to day requires a lot more maturity, planning, delay of gratification, and higher executive functioning than rage-ranting on the computer in your underwear. Roscoe sounds like someone who needs to be told five times to take out the trash and stop leaving his socks on the lampshade.”


My favorite recent Gadsden Flag takeoff reads, below the snake, “Don’t Grab My Pussy”.

I have a terrible time imagining what kind of a society these guys imagine they should live in. I mean, the ‘tradcon’ Nazi types have a fairly clear notion–they should be living in a house surrounded by wheat fields with a hot blonde woman who wears her hair in braids and is submissive and stays home while he does something manly for a living.

They’re racist assholes, but they have a vision for a racist asshole life that makes sense, ideologically.

These guys–what is it? What’s the model? Marriage is blue pill. I guess they could be like guys in Homeric legend, except they see war as a female plot to kill them, and they resent women for being taken by the conquerors because talk about easy street. They could just live alone, and hire sex workers if they wanted to, but they seem to think that prostitution is a plot to allow women to take their money.

Like…if everything was perfect, and Donald Trump won the election, and women got their act together, and everyone took the red pill, what would the resulting society even look like? Patriarchal traditions offend them because women get stuff, feminism offends them because women choose stuff…what do they actually want?


“Ive yet to run into any self proclaimed member of the “manosphere” who can even express a coherent idea through their weird angry ranting.

Maybe there is something behind all the buzzwords and general butthurt, and maybe the homeless guy outside the liqour store is actually trying to express some great revolution in neuroscience when he tells me about the brain ghosts who are stealing his erections.

We will never know. “


  1. Hi Gunlord,

    Did you intend to quote something from my article, “Response to a MGTOW Critique”? I see the link, and a blank quote after it. No problem either way. Just curious if there was some particular statement that struck you.

    1. Oh hi, thanks so much for dropping in, Lee. I liked your whole article, as it really cut to the heart of a lot of issues I had with MGTOW myself (as you can probably tell from the other quotes here, haha), and the rather unpleasant (to put it mildly) response you got from the MGTOWers proved your points. But I wanted to quote this and must have messed up the block quote, it was my favorite:

      “But reading the Red Pill and MGTOW forums, it was hard to find the “adult” Red Pillers in the room. Where are the men saying, “Don’t get mad at all women. Get mad at the one who screwed you over”? Where are the men saying, “Let it all out! And then get over it and move on”?

      Yes, you can find these things if you dig into some of the MGTOW websites and video channels. But you can find a whole lot more about how terrible, selfish, and destructive women are, and how men’s problems today are due to the feminism and gynocentrism that have taken over modern society.


      But that’s the next point.

      To finish up with this one: If you’re going to do your group therapy for new Red Pillers in public, and the adults seem to have left the room and buried their more mature perspectives where most casual observers of the movement never find them, what do you expect your movement to look like to outsiders?”

      1. Hi Gunlord,

        Ah, good. Thanks. I have to admit I didn’t make it all the way through your quotes. But there were a lot of great ones in the part that I did read.

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