Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 69 (October 24-October 30 , 2021): 9th week of my 5th semester…

Nother week down, a good deal more than halfway done! Little late today cause I was busy for most of Saturday night, but no biggie.


Course 1: COM 447 (Graphics)

Project 1 – DONE!

Project 2 – DONE!

Project 3 – Some progress made

Project 4

Lab 1 – DONE!

Lab 2 – DONE!

Lab 3 – DONE!

Lab 4 – DONE!

Lab 5 – DONE!

Lab 6 – DONE!

Lab 7 – DONE!

Lab 8 – DONE!

Lab 9

Lab 10

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

Course 2: COM449 (Ad Writing)

Project 1 – DONE

Project 2 – Almost done!

Project 3

Blog 1 – DONE

Comment 1

Comment 2

Workshop 1 – DONE

Workshop 2 – DONE

Workshop 3 – DONE

Workshop 4 – DONE!

Workshop 5 – DONE!

Workshop 6 – DONE!

Workshop 7 – DONE!

Workshop 8

Workshop 9

Workshop 10

Discussion 1 – DONE!

Discussion 2

Discussion 3

Discussion 4

Discussion 5

Course 3: COM 360 (Social Media Analysis)

Quiz 1 – DONE!

Quiz 2 – DONE!

Quiz 3 – DONE!

Quiz 4 – DONE!

Quiz 5 – DONE!

Quiz 6 – DONE!

Quiz 7

Quiz 8

Final project graph

Final project essay

Final project presentation



Solid A day, got an eensy bit of work done on my COM 447 next project and relaxed.


A+ day! Had another busy day, when I got home I did a bit more work on COM 449 stuff.


Solid A+ day. Went out to class and got something nice from Santora’s, and almost knocked off my 9th lab for 447. Nice!


Nother A+ day! Had a decent day at work then went home and relaxed. Put the last touches on a couple COM 449 assignments 😀


Ooof…A- day in the end. First, my 360 prof canceled class for some reason, so we didn’t have da quizzie. Yay! Then I read some Kaiju No. 8–the otaku guy, Kikoru, and our hero manage to crush No. 9, or so it seems–somehow it seems he managed to teleport where Kikoru’s father was, and THAT guy was the “power of monsters” No. 9 was after, the evil boss creature mentions that Kikoru’s dad is “compatible.” :O Maybe we’ll see an explanation for why Kafka wasn’t just eaten by the parasite that found him first…

So after that, I wanted to go out, but man, I wasnt paying attention and managed to get the car stuck in some mud, I had to call AAA to get it out ;_; Well, at least the car wasn’t damaged. Just dirty, I’ll have to get it washed sometime. But yeah, the AAA guy got it out easily, so it was just a little embarrassing XD

After that, I finished off most of my COM 449 Assignment 2 stuff done, just gotta clear a coupla things with my prof! Nice nice. So yeah, despite some trubble, day ended up with an A-.


Eh…A- day. I cleaned the mud off my car and got some gas for it, so that was good, but I didn’t end up getting much work done. Just a little bit on the extra stuff I mentioned. Gonna be busy next week…


Tough day. Went out to some work and messed up a bit, but my supervisor covered for me and said I could make up for it tomorrow. Then I had Denny’s afterwards.


COM 447 lab 9 – Almost done

COM 447 Project 3

COM 449 Workshop 6 – DONE

COM 449 Workshop 7 – DONE

COM 449 Project 2 – Almost done

COM 360 quiz 7 – No idea whats happening with this

Early voting – Eh, I’ll go vote on Election Day

Get some studying done for somethin extra – DONE!


COM 449 Project 2 – just gotta hand it in!

COM 447 Project 2

Just hand in Lab 9 for Com 447

Com 447 Lab 10

Com 449 Blog Comments

Keep studyin




Nothin really.


Nothin after Subnautica.


The Deep by Nick Cutter. Extremely psychological, dealing with the main character’s  trauma from childhood, which ties into the spookiness at the end in an unexpected but fascinating way. A lot of folks say this was kind of like The Thing–a bunch of people are trapped in a station in a very isolated place (although under the sea rather than in the Arctic) with a lot of body horror going on, but I didn’t see it. Without giving too much away, the body horror of The Deep is much different than that of the thing, as the alien presence isn’t really “hiding” amongst the characters (i.e there’s no whodunit/mystery element of “who’s really a monster?”) as much as it is influencing them from the outside in its own sinister way. Again, I wanna avoid spoilers so that’s all, but I will say that the true nature of the alien (or whatever) antagonist is a *little* more confusing than Nick’s other work, though, which is why I gave it 4 stars. Still an excellent read!


What I said above.


Just class stuff mainly.


1: Read the end of Girl Genius. At least I got to see Lucrezia kicked out of Agatha’s mind, so that’s something.

2: Play Front Mission 5.

3: Play Brigandine: Grand Edition. I think I’ll work on these emulation related things when I get a new computer–a new deskie, I mean.

4: Finish up a second big project…

5: Maybe finish up a 3rd big project related to Berserk.

6: Finish a FOURTH big project I’ve had thoughts about for a while. Won’t say much more about it other than it involves Visual Novels.

7: *maybe* finish up a fic I’ve always wanted to put out. But this is really extra.

8: Maybe do something with Wayward Son I’ve wanted to do for a while, but also extra.

9: Obviously, get all my affairs in order–will, etc.

Next week is gonna be REALLY tough. Wish me a bit of luck…

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