Living the Driven Life, Episode 165 (July 25-July 31, 2021): ACCOMPLISHMENT!

Ooof, I just noticed I forgot to hit publish on this, but since it’s before I went to sleep and woke up on Sunday, I’ll not consider it late 😀 Anyways, finally, Living the Driven Life pays off! It’d be too boastful to say that Miura would be proud, but at least I got somethin’ done.


Went out to Pho 54 and got an eensy bit of work done, A- day.


Ehh…today gets a B. I got pho 54 again and did some writing, but I found out I stored some Clorox wet-wipes I got the other day upside down and drained them a little bit. Not the end of the world, but it was pretty annoying, so today wasn’t as good as it coulda been.


As usual, I’ve had worse days. Went to Wok n Roll and got a wee bit of work done on mah project, just about finished with it, w00t! A- day.


Went to a new restaurant, Inchin’s Bamboo Garden, then went home and worked on my project a little more. A- day.


Went back to Inchin’s and worked some more, yet again, A-…


YES!!!!!! Knocked at least one thing off my bucket list. Here’s the manosphere essay I’ve been promising for ages! Day gets an A+!

I Tried to Be a Misogynist (Full Essay)



Just relaxed all day, went out to eat and just puttered around the house.


Nothing really.


Nothing really, just relax!



Nothin much this week.


Primarily working on my essay, did play an eensy bit of Battlefleet Gothic 2 but that’s all.


The Troop by Nick Cutter. This truly stomach-turning novel involves 5 boy scouts (Kent, Newton, Ephraim, Max, and Shelley) and their leader, a doctor named Tim, on what should be a fun camping trip on an isolated island off a coast near a small town. However, when an incredibly hungry stranger shows up, sickly and emaciated, all hell breaks loose when the guy unleashes his deadly infection on the troop leader and his young charges!

This was my first book by Nick Cutter, and man, I was not disappointed. Super gory, super GROSS (I won’t spoil anything, but the true nature of the infection is…*very* icky to say the least) and very well written. You wouldn’t be too far off the mark to say this book is *sorta* like Lord of the Flies, but Cutter puts his own spin on the story very well. The way the boys talk to one another is realistic and believable, and Cutter really portrays each of them, their pasts, their worries, and their reaction to the chaos unfolding around them, as if they could be real people. There’s a LOT of violence if you’re into that, in fact it may be too excessive for some people, and I warn you, there is some several animal cruelty in this book, both due to the circumstances of being isolated and alone on an island (killing some animals for food), and also in a flashback detailing a sociopath torturing animals. I won’t say anything more than that to avoid spoilers, but keep it in mind if you’re sensitive to that sorta thing. My only critique is that interspersed between chapters there are little epistolary snippets of letters, news articles, journal entries, etc. that shed more light on how the infection started and its nature, and while those were neat they also slightly spoiled the story to a small extent. Also, I found some of the flashbacks the kids had to be a *little* excessive, the author could have pared them down a little bit and it would have been good. So this gets 4.5 out of 5 stars, rounded up to 5 I’d say 😀


Nothin this week. I can always catch up on my backlog but I wonder if most of my manga scanlators got out of the scene due to Mangadex being down…;_;


Yes, finally finished off my manosphere entry on my bucket list. Feels GREAT!


1: Read the end of Girl Genius. At least I got to see Lucrezia kicked out of Agatha’s mind, so that’s something.

2: Play Front Mission 5.

3: Play Brigandine: Grand Edition. I think I’ll work on these emulation related things when I get a new computer–a new deskie, I mean.

4: Finish up a second big project…

5: Maybe finish up a 3rd big project related to Berserk.

6: Finish a FOURTH big project I’ve had thoughts about for a while. Won’t say much more about it other than it involves Visual Novels.

7: *maybe* finish up a fic I’ve always wanted to put out. But this is really extra.

8: Maybe do something with Wayward Son I’ve wanted to do for a while, but also extra.

9: Maybe write one last long manosphere essay – DONE!

10: Obviously, get all my affairs in order–will, etc.

So yeah, excellent week. I dunno though, things might be changing soon–I’ll keep you updated, I may have to go from “The Driven Life” to something else…or not. We’ll see.

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