Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 58 (May 2-May 8, 2021): 14th week of my fourth semester down…

Just one more week after this!


Course 1: COM 200 (Research)

Quiz 1 – DONE

Quiz 2

Exam 1 – DONE

Exam 2

Research Project-Question Selection – DONE

Research Project – Literature Review – DONE

Research Project – Nuts and Bolts of Project – DONE

Research Project – Final Proposal

Class Activities – DONE

Course 2: COM 317 (Business Communication): ALL DONE!


Course 3: History of Communication











Course 4: Social Psychology

Paper 1 – DONE!

Paper 2 – DONE

Exam 1 – DONE!

Exam 2 – DONE!

Exam 3 – DONE!

Final Exam

Class Activities



A+ day. Went to Kentucky Fried Chicken, then watched ep 5 of Megalo Box. VERY good stuff, we see more background on why Joe left. He was having a good time with the cast from the first season with their new gym, but then Pops got cancer, and it was apparently incurable–nothing Joe could do, even with more money. He goes to their gym, which was destroyed by a typhoon, and encounters a grown up Sachio, who beats the crap out of him. But when he wakes up the next morning, he finds he’s been taken care of by the veteran guy from the last season (Aramaki). The two of them visit Pops’ grave and talk about what happened to the kids, and it seems Sacchio’s become an undergroud boxer. A flashback reveals Joe agreed to one last match to get some money for further treatment for Pops, but he gets so caught up in training for it that he wasn’t able to be at Pops’ bedside when he died, which defeated the whole point. I guess Joe meant well, but yeah, not a good idea.

After that, I handed in my stuff for COM 317. Nice!


Awesomely productive day! Got a haircut, went to Taisho Bistro, then got a 90 on my very last COM 337 exam! Epic simply epic! Easy A+ for this day 😀


An A day. Got some Pad Thai at Phovana, then just played Sunless Sea. Not productive, but nice :>


‘Nother A day. Took my second Business exam and got a C-; I coulda done better but ah, well. At least with that done, I’m completely, 100% done with one course, which is good enough for me. Also knocked off the last COM 205 activity.


Eh…B+ day. Played a lot of Axiom Verge, but didn’t do much else.


A better day! Played some more Axiom Verge, but also got a good bit of work done on my 337 final project–almost done with it! This day gets an A!


Nice! I went out for hot pot for the first time at Little Lamb and enjoyed it, then went home and watched the next ep of Vivy. She’s a lot more emotional and cheery now, and she’s become a very popular singer because of it. It seems to be because she was rebooted at some point, and lost her memories of Matsumoto. So she’ll be starring at a concert dedicated to improving relations between humans and AI (which declined after the Metal Float incident in the last episode), and meets some other singing androids, including a clumsy one named Ophelia. During their rehearsal, Vivy meets the terrorist guy she saved in the last episode, who’s now pretty old. She has a flash of memory and follows him into a seemingly abandoned warehouse, where she’s attacked by a rogue robot and saved by Matsumoto, who pretends he never met her too, but she recognizes him and pursues him, eventually managing to catch him and force him to tell her about their past. After spilling the beans, he says their next mission to prevent the AI war is stopping Ophelia from killing herself! Huh, I wonder where that’s gonna go…

After that, I played some more Axiom Verge and put the last touches on my COM 337 project. Nice, A+ day!


Things I Had To Finish This Week:

COM research:

Part 4 of final project – progress made

Final quiz

Final exam

Next class activity – DONE!

Business COM: 

Final Interview-hand it in – DONE!

Final Exam – DONE!

COM Theory:

Final paper – Just about done, gotta hand it in!

Final exam – DONE!

Social Psychology:

Study for final exam

Miscellaneous Goals:

Nothing really.

Things to Do Over The Next Week:

More of the same.






Nothing, Touge says he should be done with his stuff late next week 😀


Just Vivy and Megalo Box.


Axiom Verge. Frustrating at times, and I think the ‘glitch’ thing, while thematically innovative, in practice isn’t much to write home about, it’s just a way of destroying or creating walls and platforms as needed and weakening or strengthening enemies, which isn’t that “reality-warping.” I do love the combo of Metroid gameplay with hardcore Giger aesthetics, though.


Nothing much, tho Kn8 is coming back next week I hope, and Mangadex is finally getting repaired, or at least on the right track!



Decent week, but man, next week is gonna be packed. My FINAL week of my fourth semester, and there’s a TON of stuff going on on Thursday, the Total War Warhammer III preview, Getsu Fuuma Den remake being released, and Kaiju no. 8 FINALLY coming back. Can’t wait!




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