Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 57 (April 25-May 1, 2021): 13th week of my fourth semester down…

Just a couple more weeks after this!


Course 1: COM 200 (Research)

Quiz 1 – DONE

Quiz 2

Exam 1 – DONE

Exam 2

Research Project-Question Selection – DONE

Research Project – Literature Review – DONE

Research Project – Nuts and Bolts of Project – DONE

Research Project – Final Proposal

Class Activities

Course 2: COM 317 (Business Communication)

Exam 1 – DONE!

Exam 2

Mock Resume – DONE!

Mock Cover Letter – DONE!

Mock Interview – DONE!

Class Activities

Course 3: History of Communication











Course 4: Social Psychology

Paper 1 – DONE!

Paper 2 – DONE

Exam 1 – DONE!

Exam 2 – DONE!

Exam 3 – DONE!

Final Exam

Class Activities



MAX productive day, easy A+. Starstar got back to me with the LAST ep of Dragonar we have to do,

Watched ep. 5 of Vivy. 5 years after the previous ep, her actions seem to have speeded up, not delayed, the development of AI. A large AI-construction island called the Metal Float has been built 20 years earlier than in the original timeline. Matsumoto returns to her to put in a virus that will destroy it, designed by a former member of the anti-AI terrorist group who ended up marrying an AI. Vivy journeys to the island and finds that the AIs there are very nice and peaceful, but she has to destroy them anyways and downloads the virus into them ;-; But it seems the virus doesn’t work, as the AIs turn aggressive and attack some anti-AI terrorists who are themselves waging war against the island! I wonder why. Cool episode overall.

Also caught ep. 4 of Megalo Box. Really good, ended in a way I didn’t expect. So Mio thinks about leaving town after getting involved with the arson but has second thoughts, while Chief finally wins the tournament with Joe’s backing. This inspires Mio and he reconciles with the community, who have the money to buy the land fair and square. Everything seems great, but Chief dies in his sleep after winning the tournament! I wasn’t expecting that. Joe inherits Chief’s gear, and then embarks on the next leg of his journey…


VERY productive day, easy A+! Went out for yummies at my beloved Taisho Bistro, then got my very last class discussion for Com Theory out of the way, thank God!


No way around it, this was just a bad day. Went out to Taisho Bistro but nearly lost my phone–managed to find it before somebody took it but that was way too risky. Then, when I went home, I wanted to finish up my final task for my business com course but had a technology mishap. Only hope is to finish it tomorrow. At least I got a second chance so it’s not as bad as it could be, and I did get a *bit* of other work done, but this day gets a C…well, before I went to bed I managed to catch up with an old friend of mine I hadn’t seen in ages, and that was enough to bump the day up to a B. Thank God for friends.


MUUUUUUUUCH better. Went out to Taisho Bistro with no problems this time, then went home and FINALLY knocked off my final thing for Business Com. YES! A+!


Today gets an A. Went out to Siena to celebrate finishing my last tuff project for COM 317, then went home and put some finishing touches on it.


Nother A day, went out to Forno Napoli this time, and then went home and relaxed. Also backed Madox-01 on Kickstarter…yeah, as I’ve said before, I generally loathe the model, but the creator has had a very long track record of success and I really want that artbook, so I swallowed my suspicion/cynicism and backed for the artbook level. Well, if it goes belly-up I’ll call myself a fool gladly.


Ep 6 of Vivy. This is interesting. Our heroine helps the rescued terrorists escape, then evades the crazy drones to get to the control room, where she meets the professor guy and Grace. It turns out that “Grace” is just a replica, and the real grace was being used as the control core for the Metal Float island, because of humans trusting AIs more after the events of episode 4. His plan was to shut the island down to rescue his wife (uploading her data into the replica), but she was given the command to preserve Metal Float at all costs, which conflicted with the shutdown order and caused the machine island to go crazy and malevolent. Maybe that’s how the AI war started in the future. In any case, Grace can’t be saved at this point as she’s too closely melded to the island, and the professor guy tries to stop Vivy but fails–Matsumoto then hijacks the island’s fabricators to make copies of himself that turn into a little jetbike, which Vivy uses to get to the island’s main tower where Grace is. The professor finally sends Vivy the coordinates of Grace’s physical location, and she destroys the core, saving the world…at least for now. But the professor commits suicide at the end, in despair at the death of his wife, and Vivy can’t save him–the very end of the episode shows her seeming to go insane. Uh-oh D:


So yeah, Saturday gets an A–just watched anime and didn’t do much else.


Things I Had To Finish This Week:

COM research:

Part 4 of final project – progress made

Business COM: 

Final interview – DONE

COM Theory:

Final paper – progress made

Next class activity – DONE

Social Psychology:

Nothing really – DONE

Miscellaneous Goals:

Nothing really.

Things to Do Over The Next Week:

More of the same.




Nothing this week, waiting for Touge to get back to me and then Dragonar will be DONE! 😀


Just what I described above.






Nothin really.

Semester’s almost over…




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