Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 56 (April 18-24, 2021): 12th week of my fourth semester down…

Just two more weeks after this!


Course 1: COM 200 (Research)

Quiz 1 – DONE

Quiz 2

Exam 1 – DONE

Exam 2

Research Project-Question Selection – DONE

Research Project – Literature Review – DONE

Research Project – Nuts and Bolts of Project – DONE

Research Project – Final Proposal

Class Activities

Course 2: COM 317 (Business Communication)

Exam 1 – DONE!

Exam 2

Mock Resume

Mock Cover Letter

Mock Interview

Class Activities

Course 3: History of Communication










Course 4: Social Psychology

Paper 1 – DONE!

Paper 2 – DONE

Exam 1 – DONE!

Exam 2 – DONE!

Exam 3 – DONE!

Final Exam

Class Activities



Just stayed home and relaxed, officially handed in part 3 of my final project for research methods. Watched the next episode of Vivy–she meets with the younger sister of the cute fan of hers who died 15 years ago in the airplane crash, but then Estelle appears and tries to kill both of them! However, it turns out that this Estelle is actually a doppelganger–the terrorists from the previous episodes took an abandoned AI and made it look like Estelle, framing her for the destruction of the station. Our heroine stashes the little girl in a safe place, then downloads a combat program from Matsumoto to fight the terrorists and the Estelle impostor. She beats some terrorists and rescues estelle; turns out the imposter is Estelle’s sister who was abandoned, which was why that droid got security access to the whole station. So she and estelle have a showdown with the sister (Elizabeth), Estelle has a heart to heart with her, and Matsumoto gives Beth a virus that resets her programming. The station is already falling onto a coastal city, but as Vivy evacuates, Beth and Estella manage to divert the station away from it so it burns up in the atmosphere without causing any damage.

Also got a bit of long-form personal writing out, which I haven’t done in ages. Check it out!

So yeah, very productive, and definitely an A+ day overall for me.


Took my 3rd Psych test. Aced it, very nice! Then watched ep. 3 of Megalo Box. Again, really fascinating episode. Mio is trying to fit in with the anti-immigrant kids, and they’re going from vandalizing the community to setting fires, while Chief and Joe move up in the tournament, and we see some insight into the commonalities between them–Chief lost his son on the boat immigrating to their nameless country and tried to dull the pain with drugs, like Joe seems to be doing, as he blames himself for Pops’ death-Sacchio from the first season felt like that too. But it also seems like Joe is kicking his addiction due to being inspired by Chief. But the bad guys who really want to get the immigrants out of their lot are stepping up the campaign against them, seems like Chief and Joe will have to worry about that as well.

I am *really* liking this series, despite its obvious relevance to the present refugee crisis it’s not preachy or overbearing at all. Really really good. So yup, another A+ day, easy!


LOL, kind of an annoying day. Discord is glitched up and I couldn’t access some of my servers, like for Bloodstained. Ah well, it happens, and I got back in soon enough. Worse news was the weather sucked, it’s SNOWING again, this late into April! Just when it was warming up, too. Ah, well, just relaxed and did a little more work. This day gets an A, just a little taken off due to the inclement weather.


This day gets a solid A. Too cold for my tastes (hope it warms up soon) but just relaxed and got a bit of work done.


God damn, today started off AWFUL. Cold, snowy, and when I went out to eat most of the restaurants were full, which was aggravating. However, when I got back home I ended up getting a LOT of work done on my next couple of assignments. Also managed to read the next chapter of Kaiju no. 8…our hero has to transform to keep the big monster’s self-destruct bomb from killing everybody, but he takes a lot of damage trying to contain the explosion and his “secret identity” is revealed. That came a lot sooner than I thought, interesting. I guess since it was such a crucial plot juncture the series has been put on hiatus for a couple weeks, hmm. But yeah, managed to get some work done and read some manga, this day went from a D at the beginning to a solid B at the end.


Very good friday, I’d give it an A. Went out to my beloved China Star, then came home and watched the “Landing Blasphemous” documentary. Some very good insights on budgeting as well as managing tensions when money started to run out, it was actually worth watching. I recommend it!


FANTASTIC day, easily an A+. Did paperwork to renew my driver’s license, then went out to eat, then did some shoppan. Then went home and relaxed with my friends on Discord! Great, easy day. Got a couple nice emails too 😀 😀 😀 Pretty warm too, thankfully.


Things I Had To Finish This Week:

COM research:

Part 3 of final project – DONE!

Business COM: 

Interview prep – in progress

COM Theory:

Final paper stuff – in progress

Social Psychology:

Exam 3 – DONE!

Miscellaneous Goals:

Nothing really.

Things to Do Over The Next Week:

All the final stuff…:sigh:




Nothing this week.


Just what I described above.


Nothin really.






Just class work.


Very good week. Almost done with this semester…


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