Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 55 (April 11-17, 2021): 11th week of my fourth semester down…

Pretty close to being done with the semester…


Course 1: COM 200 (Research)

Quiz 1 – DONE

Quiz 2

Exam 1 – DONE

Exam 2

Research Project-Question Selection – DONE

Research Project – Literature Review – DONE

Research Project – Nuts and Bolts of Project – DONE

Research Project – Final Proposal

Class Activities

Course 2: COM 317 (Business Communication)

Exam 1 – DONE!

Exam 2

Mock Resume

Mock Cover Letter

Mock Interview

Class Activities

Course 3: History of Communication










Course 4: Social Psychology

Paper 1 – DONE!

Paper 2 – DONE

Exam 1 – DONE!

Exam 2 – DONE!

Exam 3

Final Exam

Class Activities



Good relaxing day. Went out for McDonald’s and then finished my 6th class activity for research com, good times. A +!


Solid A day. Kinda cold, but I did go to Little Lamb and then went home and watched the 1st episode of the sequel to Megalo Box! Taking place some years after the original series, it seems like Joe’s doing pretty badly, he’s still fighting in underground matches but he’s addicted to painkillers and having hallucinations of his old coach. He fights against one guy but it’s a fixed match and the guy throws it even when he could have won, and beats Joe afterwards, which pisses him off. Not sure I like where the plot seems to be going but the animation is great.

Also watched the second episode. Pretty interesting, it’s going into some social issues now. Joe goes to a pharmacy but while he’s there, his bike gets stolen by a kid, Mio, and when he goes to find it it turns out the kid is an immigrant to whatever unnamed country he’s in. The kid’s mom berates him but then Joe collapses, and to make up for what the kid the MILF lets Joe stay in an abandoned trailer for a while. As it happens, the immigrant community is getting evicted in a few weeks, and the boxer from the previous episode (Chief) shows up too, he lives there and is trying to make money, and plans to enter a local tournament to get enough cash to buy the plot of land on which the immigrants sit. Now, Joe leaves town after he’s rested and gets his bike back, but then has a vision of the old coach guy from the previous season with the implication that he caused the coach’s death, and then he drives back to help Chief win the tournament. Very predictable, like the plot of soooo many sports movies (gotta win the big game/tournament for money for the community center!) but meh, it’s a good predictable.


Ugh, this day wasn’t that good. I went out to Blaze Pizzeria to eat, but I also wanted to get a haircut but all the barbershops were either closed or mandated you make an appointment before going! Damn, I guess things aren’t back to normal yet. Other than that though, decent productivity…about 75% done with the next COM 337 discussion board thing, and I also finished the 3rd part of my COM 205 main project. Nice! Started off bad, but a strong end made this a A- day.


Not a bad day. Went out to Eagle House, then just watched some more anime. First two episodes of Vivy – Fluorite Eye’s Song. This is INCREDIBLY interesting, far more than I expected. In the distant future, mankind has achieved great prosperity thanks to machines doing all the work for us, but one day the machines go on a rampage and wage bloody war against humanity. Thus, a professor at that time sends an AI 100 years into the past, which is the not-so-distant future, to prevent AIs from arising and therefore prevent the war. The funny AI lands inside the head of Vivy, the first autonomous AI in that setting (and also the only one that exists both “now” and 100 years in the future, as in that time she’s sitting in a museum, which is why she was chosen), and enlists her help to prevent the war in the future, starting by preventing the assassination of a pro-AI politician–Vivy manages to save him despite not being made for combat, she’s a singer. Then she manages to save the politician from another assassination attempt, and also rescues one of the guys trying to kill him from dying in his own bomb plot–but it ends on a sad note as Vivy tries to stop a terrible plane crash from occurring soon after, but Matsumoto (the AI sent back in time) prevents her from doing it (heavily damaging her) in order to stop the timeline from being too screwed up. This anime’s like a combination of The Terminator with idol/singing stuff and political machinations, I’m definitely gonna keep an eye on it. A day!


Went out to Crystal Asian Cuisine and also read the next chapter of Monster No. 8. Not much happened after the big monster seemed to have died (Commander Ashiro blew the top half of its body away), but from its corpse arises a huge bomb and the protag has to transform to stop it. Wonder if he got out of everyone’s sight or if they caught him…A+ day overall.


Third ep of Vivy. This was pretty interesting, taking place 15 years after the previous episode–Vivy’s been repaired of all the damage Matsumoto did to her, and has become a somewhat more successful singer, but her intervention didn’t crimp the passage of a generous AI law–the opposite in fact. Even so, Matsumoto still tries to fulfill his mission and gets Vivy to sneak aboard a space station–in a few days, the AI commanding it, Estelle (who’s based off Vivy, as a “younger sister”), is supposed to crash it into the Earth, which increases tensions between humans and AIs and helps lead to the war 100–85 now–years in the future. Estelle also supposedly killed the human owner of the space station. But when Vivy gets aboard, she finds Estelle is super nice and probably didn’t kill the previous owner, making her believe Estelle couldn’t have intentionally crashed the space station. But at the very end of the episode, Estelle kills another android on the station. Huh….

Other than that, just did a teensy bit more schoolwork, didn’t go out to eat. A+ day.


A+ day, just relaxed and got a bit more work done on my COM 337 final project.


Things I Had To Finish This Week:

COM research:

Class activity 6 – DONE

Part 3 of final project – Progress made!

Business COM: 

 next class activity – DONE

Interview prep – in progress

COM Theory:

Final paper stuff – in progress

Next class activity – DONE

Social Psychology:

Nothing really-DONE

Miscellaneous Goals:

Nothing really.

Things to Do Over The Next Week:

Part 3 for 205, interview prep for Business Com, Final paper for Com Theory, exam 3 for Social Psych




Nothing this week.


Just what I described above.


Nothin really.




Just what I described above.


Just class work.


Very good week. This semester’s wrapping up…

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