Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 55 (April 10, 2021): Tenth week of my fourth semester down…

W00t, more than halfway done with the semester 😀


Course 1: COM 200 (Research)

Quiz 1 – DONE

Quiz 2

Exam 1 – DONE

Exam 2

Research Project-Question Selection – DONE

Research Project – Literature Review – DONE

Research Project – Nuts and Bolts of Project

Research Project – Final Proposal

Class Activity 1 – DONE

Class Activity 2 – DONE

Class Activity 3 – DONE

Class Activity 4 – DONE

Class Activity 5 – DONE

Class Activity 6

Class Activity 7

Course 2: COM 317 (Business Communication)

Exam 1 – DONE!

Exam 2

Mock Resume

Mock Cover Letter

Mock Interview

Class Activity 1 – DONE!

Class Activity 2 – DONE!

Class Activity 3 – DONE!

Class Activity 4 – DONE!

Class Activity 5

Class Activity 6

Class Activity 7

Class Activity 8

Class Activity 9

Class Activity 10

Class Activity 11

Class Activity 12

Class Activity 13

Class Activity 14

Class Activity 15

Course 3: History of Communication










Course 4: Social Psychology

Paper 1 – DONE!

Paper 2 – DONE

Exam 1 – DONE!

Exam 2 – DONE!

Exam 3

Final Exam

Class Activity 1 – DONE!

Class Activity 2 – DONE

Class Activity 3 – DONE!

Class Activity 4 – DONE!

Class Activity 5 – DONE!

Class Activity 6 – DONE!

Class Activity 7 – DONE!

Class Activity 8 – DONE!

Class Activity 9

Class Activity 10

Class Activity 11

Class Activity 12

Class Activity 13

Class Activity 14

Class Activity 15



A+ day! Didn’t go out to eat but did get the next ep of Dragonar out, w00t! Only one more to goooooo!!!!!! Also spent all day playing Monster Hunter World and watching the Record of Lodoss War OVAs, good times.


Same as above, just puttered around the house and played MHW. This day gets an A-.


 EXCELLENT day! Got my second vax so I’m just about immune to COVID, or at least I will be in 2 weeks. Gotta stay frosty till then, but at least the end is in sight. The I played MHW and got some work done for my COM 317 interview. A+ day!


Another A+ day! Went to my beloved Little Lamb Hot Pot, then got some gas, then went home and knocked off my next business com participation AND the second paper for my Psych class, then played MHW! Very nice. The only problems were I got a bit of side effects from the vaccine it seems, a little fatigue and sore throat, but nothing much. So minor they didn’t take away from the very productive day, so the high grade still stands.


Another WONDERFUL day! Spring has officially begun for me, this is the first day in a while where I had to break out my fan! A lovely blue sky and clear weather, went to my beloved Crystal Asian Cuisine for dumplings and wontons. Got a little more work (questions) done for my Business COM interview, too. No Kaiju No. 8, but ah well, guess it’s back to biweekly. A+ day!


Yet another A+ day! It was warm and rainy, meaning it felt very very pleasant, and I went out and had some yummy tortelloni at Creekview. Then I went home and knocked off some more work for business com (the class activity) and my final project for com theory. Nice times, nice times. I dunno though, the music at Creekview is loud and intrusive…maybe I won’t go there as much. We’ll see.


Definitely an A+ day. Lovely evening weather, went out to my beloved Little Lamb and then did some shopping, then went home and relaxed with MHW. w00t!


Things I Had To Finish This Week:

COM research:

Nothing this week – DONE

Business COM: 

 Next class activity – DONE

Final interview – In Progress

COM Theory:

-Little more progress on my final paper – DONE

Social Psychology:

 -2nd paper- DONE

Miscellaneous Goals:

Nothing really.

Things to Do Over The Next Week:

Gotta keep working on my final COM 317 and 337 projects, probaably have to do part 3 of my COM 205 project, and I’ll probably have a couple more exams to finish…




YES! Only one more ep of Dragonar to go!

Metal Armor Dragonar Episode 47: Challenge! Pursuit of Captain Min


Record of Lodoss War, the original OVAs. The grandaddy of fantasy anime, I watched the TV series when I was younger (I own the DVD set in a nice box) but never saw the original OVAs, a lacunae in my anime experience I corrected this week. Everyone’s familiar with it so there’s no need for me to say much more about it, the only thing is that the OVA art and animation is generally good even for 90s OVA standards, but the fight choreography was generally kinda poor. Like, they reuse stock footage of mooks dying so many times, it felt kinda cheap. But the climactic fight between Ashram and Parn was good.


Just some Monster Hunter World, finishing up event quests.






Just class work.


Excellent week overall, just about every day got an A+. Here’s hoping the next week goes as well!

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