Gunlord’s College Saga, Episode 53 (March 27, 2021): Eighth week of my fourth semester down…

W00t, more than halfway done with the semester 😀


FANTASTIC day! Went out to eat at Crystal Asian Cuisine, it was delightfully nice and warm outside, and got some more work done on Metal Armor Dragonar, we are ALMOST done! w000t! Definitely an A+ day!


Another great day. Went out to eat at Siena, then got my 4th class participation done for my COM research class, then just relaxed. Nice productivity!


Not very productive, I got a bit of work done on the next COM 317 assignment, but not a whole lot. Ah, well. B day.


Fantastic day! Got my second Psych exam out of the way, finally. I think I did pretty poorly, but at least it’s out of the way. Then I went out to do some shopping, very nice. A+ day!


Another fantastic day! Didn’t go out to eat but I just about finished stage 2 of my COM 205 project. Also found I got an 80 on my Psych exam, not great but certainly not terrible. Yay!


Another great day! Put the finishing touches on stage 2, just about finished my next COM 317 thing, went out to Crystal Asian Cuisine, and just relaxed. Also got Vol. 7 of the Berserk deluxe!


Great day! Went out to Crystal Asian and relaxed all day.


Things I Had To Finish This Week:

COM research:

Stage 2 of research paper – DONE!

Class Activity 4 – DONE!

Business COM: 

 Class Activity 5 – DONE!

COM Theory:

 Nothing much this week, just reading – DONE

Social Psychology:

Exam 2 – DONE!

Miscellaneous Goals:

Nothing really.

Things to Do Over The Next Week:






Nice, Starstar’s almost done with ep 47, which means we’re almost done with all of Dragonar! W00t!!!!






Children of the Fang by John Langan, one of my fave horror authors. It’s a collection of short stories, all of which are generally excellent–I really liked Children of the Fang, which is a shoutout to one of Lovecraft’s less known works, The Nameless City. Excellent collection for the price!


Got Vol. 7 of Berserk Deluxe from Amazon 😀 Unfortunately, no manga readin cause Mangadex is still down :sob:


Just my school work.

Nice week, nice week!


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