Living the Good Life, Episode 151 (August 2, 2020): Another relaxing week~

Just chilling this week, though next week *might* get a little busy ;D




Nothing this week, but just as well, cause Starstar’s been working on her other important projects.


Ep. 16 of No Guns Life: The cop guy roughs up Mary and Juzo a bit, but then Evil Victor sends another spare drone to fight him. So the cop takes Mary hostage, and it seems even Evil Victor has some lingering protective feelings and doesn’t want to risk her. Juzo, having lost both his arms and been shot in the leg, can’t do much, and the cop guy mentions being an Extended himself, having a shark’s electromagnetic sensing organ implanted into his body that allows him to sense and anticipate attacks based on the electric discharge of his foes.

But even as damaged as he is, Juzo has one more card to play, one we haven’t seen before. He apparently deactivates the inbuilt limiters of his body and goes into this super battle mode, while Evil Victor releases chaff to deactivate the cop’s electric sensors, and Juzo’s battle mode apparently repairs his body like brand new! I dunno if it’s nanomachines or something, because it generates two brand new arms from inside Juzo’s body like nothing, and he doesn’t seem big enough to contain all that, haha. He knocks out the cop easily and drags him out of the room, allowing Mary to talk to Evil Victor.


So it turns out Mary and Victor’s foster parent threatened to sell Mary into slavery/prostition, which resulted in Victor killing him (or so it seems) and joining the military. Victor says he didn’t want his sister to follow him because Extension technology drove people to madness (admittedly he’s a good example of this, along with some of the antagonists from the previous season), but they have a debate about ethics, Mary says the cyborg tech is dependent on the will of the human being enhanced, and engineers only give them a boost.

Meanwhile, Olivier (remember, the leader of the law enforcement in the city) arrived with her forces, and promptly sacks the cop guy for being crooked and going too far in chasing Victor. Mary and Juzo return back to Juzo’s office, and everything is (sorta) back to normal. Lefty remains their little sidekick, and it turns out it’s an independent android–it can be controlled by Victor, but it has an autonomous program that makes it about as smart as a pet. Juzo and Mary talk about their plans to find Victor, and then the scene shifts to Tetsuro as a hostage, who’s apparently being treated pretty well–they’ve had an engineer repair him and even give him his normal voice back, which his cyborg enhancement had taken away. It turns out the leader of Spitzbergen is Professor Warchowski, the guy who invented cyborg tech! They talk about Tetsuro supporting Behruen, which he has no memory of, and then mention that Juzo’s rival, the gun-headed kid, is a major obstacle and needs to be stopped, and only Juzo can do it, and only when he’s been powered up. That’s why they took tetsuro hostage.



A little bit of Battle for Wesnoth. Not much else, though.



The Nature of Balance by Tim Lebbon. One day in England, and (it is implied) the rest of the world, people suddenly start dying in exceedingly violent ways, all while asleep. The survivors try to figure out why, but nature itself seems to have turned against them, with various animals killing themselves in order to kill humans, Hitchcock style. The cause of this worldwide apocalypse seems to be related somehow to Blane, a guy with amnesia who meets up with the group of survivors around which the story revolves, and a mysterious, mutiliated woman not everyone can see, named Fay.

Honestly…I didn’t like this that much. The only really sympathetic characters were Paul, the Generic Black Guy, and maybe Gerard, the Equally Generic Farmer Guy. Aside from that, while the plot for this particular apocalyptic wasn’t exactly *that* generic, the reveal at the end (To make it as vague as possible without spoilers, it was all NATURE IS PISSED, HERE’S HER EMBODIMENT) was kinda ham-handed. I’m hardly an anti-environmentalist, but if you’re going to make me read all that (this isn’t a very short novel), I’d have wanted the story pulled off with a bit more panache. Well, despite my complaints, I suppose it’s not bad enough to ask for a refund, and even if it was, it’s far too late for me now…ah, well.


Also read The Keeper of the Gate, by William Meikle. Not too much to say about this one except it was three Lovecraftian short stories (one of which involves the crustacean-like Mi-Go), all of which were worthy efforts in that vein. Got my money’s worth, can’t complain.


Couple new short chapters of Musuko ga Kawaiikute Shikataganai Mazoku no Hahaoya. The translator came back after a long break and released a couple of little sidestories included as bonuses in chapter 5, one which was just a cute snapshot of Zeke and Lorem’s newly-wedded life, the other showing off the full extent of Lorem’s sister’s healing capabilities. Alas, the translator doesn’t have any good raws past chapter 5, I wonder if someone (maybe even me) could help him out…


Nothing really this week. However, the next step of my project is finished! So next week, it just may be all about publicity. Do expect big things ;D Hopefully…


So yeah, dang good times, I’d say. Just keeping on keeping on~ Also, next week I hear the big Blasphemous DLC is coming out that corrects a lot of issues with it and adds some new stuff, so I’ll probably be playing that a lot.

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